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McDonald’s is a quick breakfast site occasionally for us. I say “occasional” because I now fix a healthy-grounded breakfast most days of the week to keep us on track with the best fitness plan I can muster. But the Sunday before Christmas, Tom and I treated ourselves to a pancake breakfast.

You know how in church, you often pick the same pew or close to it out of habit it seems. Well, we do this at McD’s too and so we sat in our “usual” booth. It was not long before a group of three, two men and a woman sat down in the next booth. Then there was a commotion and a couple of young employees got their photo taken with one of the men.  I thought, “maybe a family reunion”.

Then an older employee came over and asked for an autograph and I began to put it together. He looked slightly familiar and I “ahemmed” the employee, and asked her if that man was a famous singer of national fame. She responded, “Yes, that is Matt Giraud.”

Matt Giraud had been a contestant on American Idol and made it almost up to the end- incurring a judges favor- to return one week after he’d been voted off the show. He returned and came in second — but he was a huge favorite of the show’s fans.

Matt is a vocalist and exquisite piano player, and trademarked by his fedora when he is performing. It was absent when he came into Micky D’s so maybe that’s why I didn’t instantly recognize him. I was not a viewer of American Idol, but my daughter and teen granddaughter were big fans and so I hatched a plan.

Having just started my napkinwriter blog, I grabbed a napkin and approached his booth with an instant apology: “Mr. Giraud, I know this is rude, and please forgive me, but my granddaughter just loves your performance, and I wondered if you would autograph this napkin for me.” 

He was most gracious, took the napkin, asked her name, and signed it “with much love” to her. We framed this and put it in her Christmas gifts for Christmas morning. When we left the restaurant, we saw this black car with the special license plate that had to be his, so I took a photo of that.

It was the Mystic Muse of Surprises and just plain fun that accompanied us that morning — something unexpected. And then resulted in our sitting near a person who had followed his own talents and dreams and responded to his Musical Muse, accomplishing fame and satisfaction along the way.

In an article I read on the Internet, Giraud said it was never his intention to win American Idol. He just wanted to perform on that stage….and perform, he did. Good luck, Matt, in all future professional and personal creations.

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