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I can hear them, but I wish I could remember better what the lyrics of the Mamas and Papas were saying about Monday, Monday…..because I have a dusie ahead of me tomorow.

I committed  to posting on Mondays, so I add that to the dusie. Or maybe it’s doosie, whatever the case — I am going to Do Monday in grace.

I am now going to try something I have no idea whether it will work or not: a cut and past from my Facebook.

Hee, hee it did work and I am going to work with it. As the “Dusie” was in progress of making itself known over the weekend, this Angel communication came to me from a now new found friend, Kerrace Alexander. I told you in the initial blog, “Writing on Napkins” that I would be introducing you to the Mystic Muses in my life….and most of these arrive in some mysterious manner.

I just happened to love the words of Kerrace’s prayer from the heart and so I looked up a little about her on her website, sent her a brief message. And what returned to me was no less than pure Grace — the kind of grace that picks you up off the floor where you feel like you are residing, puts octane in the circulation vessels that have felt flattened and blocked and connects your energy circuits to the bright light all around your body.

I have given my year of 2011 the name of My Year of Alignment with all that’s good.  Then a couple of quickly exchanged communications with a “complete stranger” “aligned me on a path I wish to travel and supported me in a purpose that is deeply rooted in me.  Below are just a couple of the communications, but say hello to yet another Mystic Muse I am sure I will travel with.

And, oh yes, back to Monday —  I will followup on the editor’s invitation to submit some of my poetry for consideration in an upcoming publication. I will continue to heal in the loss and life tradegy of a brother-in-law, and give my grace as I can to my three nephews in their path of grief; yes, I will put ink to paper and sign a new lease for a different residence no matter how anathma even the thought of moving is to me; and yes, I will work out some mother-helper and grandmother-companion activities to ease the overfilled, responsibility-laden lives of the young caught up in life in the fast lane, and doing marvelous, talented, gifted work in that lane, while tending their loving families. 

 Best of all, I will remain faithful to the quiet — the quiet I need in my daily life to hear and write and be the things I need to be.

Monday, Monday — bring it on.

Kerrace Alexander’s Prayer to the Divine Presence:

 “You so inspire me to be, do and have more in my life and work! At the deepest core of my being you allow me to be myself! I am in awe by the very thought of your embrace! I thank you creator for making me in your image I am truly humbled by the miracles you create and I know that your Devine plan is unfolding in LOVE and GRACE and so it is! I am in Gratitude for being you!


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      Susan Heffron Hajec I have been practicing the Presence and keeping a journal of it for 12 months…. I don’t think I have prayed to the Presence as beautifully and honestly as you have done in the words above. I wonder what makes me withhold.
      22 hours ago ·
    • Kerrace Alexander it is working with the heart! when we open the heart and speak from that place we connect with our creator at the deepest level! this is where all my writing come from connection to the creator streaming from the heart! in light and love!

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