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This is a little rewind of my day. You know, like going back on the DVR that I don’t know how to operate. But if I can get Tom to do it, I can try to catch a line I missed that probably had some creative writing opportunity for me.

Tom recorded Titantic for me when it was on TV a couple of weeks ago. I wanted it because there is a beautiful line spoken by the older Tess (I’m hoping I remember her name, my daughter is not answering her phone to tell me), just as she begins to tell her story.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” she says. “I can still  almost smell the paint on the newly painted grand hall banister.”  That’s paraphrased, but I’ll get it when we watch it tomorrow night on our TV movie night date.

When we saw it the first time in the theater, I poked poor Tom in the ribs, and was yes, pulling a napkin out of my pocket to write it down in the dark theater. That’s the kind of interruption you suffer when you sit next to a writer who experiences what she sees and hears, not just as entertainment, but as a seed for something else which perhaps wants to grow.

Tom knows this well by this time, as our walks are interruped as I chat with a stranger I’ve just met along the way or take several photographs of a scene offering up newness in each angle like the carats on a diamond, or lose the consciousness of a conversation we’re having, because I get held up on just one idea stemming from it. When I offer up apology, he just graciously says….”I know.” 

It’s Thursday night and I was getting anxious to post on the blog. I thought I would settle for reading my email, and get to the blog tomorrow afternoon. But many of my emails were from friends like you either confirming I am the actual person writing it, or better yet signing up as a follower. Well, that makes my day and I am very grateful. Very grateful!

Then the strangest thing happened. My computer started to freeze up and I had to restart it several times. It does this often when I go from email to a facebook tag. The third time I shut down and brought it back up, it gave me a screen of vertical lines, didn’t try to start windows or anything. I think my face looked like those verticle lines.

Of course I did the sensible thing. “Tom,” I shouted.  “Help me.” He came down. I calmly told him the sequence of events and rationally stated that perhaps I had tried to restart too soon and the computer just didn’t understand what I was asking it to do. And that maybe the best thing to do would be to leave it alone tonight and I would get to it tomorrow in the afternoon. Because then he could work on it in the morning while I was at yoga, and I wouldn’t see any of the things that scare me on the screen when they are not what I expect.

He thought this was a good idea and said so. But by this time, I am thinking that if the computer hasn’t blown up but it is thinking about blowing up, maybe while he was sitting here, I should just try to start it again,….and if it came up, I would only read my e-mail and not ask the computer to do anything hard or even two things at one time.

It came up. I read my e-mails and since I now have some blog followers, I am still sitting here on this working computer doing my Thursday night blog.

Just before all that, I spent prayer and healing time in my Reiki area and finished that with giving Tom his weekly treatment. He soaked up all that heat and Reike (Universal Life Force)  as my hands went over him, and he fell into a deep, deep sleep.

I stayed with him for about fifteen minutes afterward until he came out of his deep relaxation. Every time I get to share this great gift with others, I feel so enriched by the Presence of God, I just can’t miss the sacredness of it.

Before that, it was left-overs for dinner after we returned from our classes at the health and fitness center. The first part of the day was taken up in preliminary preparations for our (yes, once again) upcoming move, made necessary to improve our rent situation.

I’ve felt blessed to be in the townhome we presently occupy, and had to move past the big R — resistance — to a move of any kind, but it was really called for, so now we are in moving forward mode and we are moving ……all the way across the street!

A complex right in front of us all this time, that we did not discover until two hours before we were telling the current landlord we would be moving out, even if we didn’t know where. We’ve just never lost that adventuresome spirit, I guess.

Well, the only two good things I can think of right now about this move are: 1) Since we already downsized a lot, coming back from North Carolina two years ago, it will not be a ridiculous mamoth task — just big enough, and 2)  One of the things I like about this residence is our large bedroom window, both in our master, and in my writing desk room — and because we had my favorite kind of snowfall today,  fluffy, lightly drifting, tumbling soft flakes to the ground in front of a tree background, I had a perfect snow meditation time as I worked in those two rooms. 

All in all, a good day, even as a rerun.

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