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Sail along the reefs and coves inside your soul.”
                       Neil Diamond, Signs

Hey there! Neil Diamond fan here, for now and always. Yep, I grooved in my teen days to “My baby does the hankie-pankie” where the beat got me going. Being the only daughter raised in an Irish-Catholic household and receiving a Catholic education at a time when nuns and priests were the actual classroom teachers pretty much left any hankie-pankie out of my realistic choices.

But his later music when he wrote the lyrics and musical scores to Jonathan Livingston Seagull and ET and his albums of the 1970s through the 90s made my heart and soul respond in a truly spiritual way. I once wrote the outline of my life story book and all the chapters were titles of Neil Diamond songs. The title of the book was “Turn on Your Heartlight” inspired by the movie, ET, the lovable little space creature who only wanted to go home.

That’s what happened to me when I fell in love with Tom, my husband, soulmate, companion, lover, and life journey-creator for nearly fifty years now. I found home. Of course, the chapter about us in this still-to-be-written book would be “Heartlight” with appropriate permissions being given by Mr. Diamond, himself.

Occasionally in this blog, I will write on the subject of “Meanwhile…An Intuitive’s Approach to Living on Purpose”.  This means that a reoccurring theme in my life has been that my Capricornian sense of direction, meaning, and orderly outcomes has been uprooted and displaced. It is my intuitive, spontaneous, yet discerning Self that played havoc with many Five Year Plans written cohesively and pragmatically on paper.  Heartlight is the first of these stories to be shared, but not the first to have happened for I can trace them back to my birth, itself, where it is God’s plan at work, not my own.

Here we go. When I met Tom in my junior year of college, I was planning on getting my degree in Education from Michigan State University, buying a beetle bug Volkswagen and traveling to California to begin both teaching and my real life, since I lived in my parent’s home through college graduation.

Meanwhile, this guy kept pulling up in my driveway in his black VW bug, taking me out, and putting himself deeper and deeper into places of my heart. We went to sporting events, saw the New Christie Minstrels in concert, went snow skiing together and before I knew it, I was in love with him and his whole family.

We married one week after my college graduation and drove down to Lexington, Kentucky to begin our united life work together. We brought our two daughters into the world, believed in being a force for good in the world and, besides that, we travelled to California a couple of times in our lives up to this point. Maybe more in the future, who knows?

 I had to practice this thing called change for it became very real for me. Some I couldn’t resist — like marrying Tom. But I did not jump for joy over all of the changes in the menu. Yet with the information I had at hand, and that darn intuition edging me along, most if not all of them, seemed to be right at the time.

Pay some prices along the way? Yes, we did. Make some hard decisions; with much thought and mutual concern, we did. Trust each other and garner support when needed; we depended on this.

The year of 1976, the American 200 Year Bi-Centennial was a particularly uprooting and tumultuous time in our life. We picked up and left our Kentucky suburban homeownership life and struck out for life near Chicago. It was a basic recharging of our batteries and life-values and a time-out in life for Tom to decide how he wanted to change his work style. It was a noisy time of fear and challenge for me.

At that same time, Neil Diamond’s “Beautiful Noise” album and concert tour prominently hit the spotlight. Being a huge Neil fan, that title perfectly reflected how I felt about that year of change, only maybe not so beautiful. Like he sings in the song…”it had its own kind of beat”.

The lyrics to “Signs”, one of the songs in this collection, is my life alma-mater. I am one of the ones who is led by signs. I envy some of the others he describes in the song….”some are born who never need them, others, still, who never heed them…signs.”

The trouble is signs are not easy to explain to others. They just seem to have an intrinsic value to the one who does heed them. Looking back now, (and I do not believe hindsight is always perfect), I have come to realize these unexplainable signs actually led me to living a life of purpose in ways I could not even have imagined. They kept me living an inspired, if unpredictable, life.

And I like knowing that now.

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