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Tonight, I am dipping into my Writing Well and posting a writing from a few years back.

Sunrise in my Soul

I am watching a sunrise. It brings me out of my living room onto the deck on this October morning. The deck faces east — a perfect place to honor the sunrise for the day. My red, country flower adorned fleece jacket buffs the early morning temperatures.

Waiting and watching for the sunrise is a moment in the quiet. The statue of St. Francis is my solitary companion on the deck. In its quiet presence, I can still hear his praises of joy roll out across the hills of the Umbrian countryside of Assisi. “Praise to the sun who brightens our day” his canticle proclaims.

Birds dip and sway over my head in gatherings of seven or eight each. It is the dance of praise and the song of thanksgiving they perform on the stage of God’s blue sky of dawn. The sun is not yet in sight, but its promise grows brighter over the tree branches that rise beyond the condo rooftops. I watch the soft subtle rays of yellow, pink-gold and white blend into the gray-blue horizon bringing a spotlight of dawn washing across the sky.

I hear trucks in the distance, hinting of the activity that will soon wash me into my agendas for the day. But for now, I wait and watch. A breeze blows up and rustles the leaves of the tree in front of me. The leaves are now beginning to dull and brittle after a magnificent, colorful autumn. In their radiant witness to God’s glory, they now herald the coming of dawn with a fanfare of grace.

The sound of leaves in the breeze always stirs an alert deep within me. It says, “Listen, watch, be here now.” I open my mind and heart in willingness to be a channel of God’s inspiration. The breath of the leaves gives flight to to the Holy Spirit. I feel the Spirit’s presence lightly upon my skin in this cool morning air.

A sunrise in my soul requires a slowing down. I must look around and listen. And I must wait within. I have no agenda here. And then, a message peaks out at me as I am absorbed in daybreak. “No matter what — praise God!” A loud birdcall sounds out in the distance. My sense is that the bird has just told me “You have heard your message correctly.” The sun is not yet in sight, but the halo across the treetops grows brighter and promises its coming. I start my day in peace and praise.

                   “As soon as the sun of wisdom comes, it gives a
                     smile that lifts from the heart the delusive cloud
                     of despondence and bathes the garden of the soul
                     in the light of faith and power.” 
                                                      Paramahansa Yogananda

Today, my day begins with a smile of quiet peace in the chorus of birds and bids me to go forth stepping out in faith. I do what is mine to do. I offer it to the glory of God. Blessed be his holy name. In seeking his Will and desiring only that, the power of his Presence enfolds me in this day.

The sun rises above the trees. The sunrise now is so bright I can no longer look directly at it. It is the same with the glory of God and his power in my life.

I do not look directly into it. Instead, I am warmed and guided by its Presence.

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