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Sunset – Carmel, CA – photo by Susan H. Hajec

“I formed you and set you as a covenant of the people, a light for the nations.”  Is. 42:7 

The plain, brown, perforated cube shaped box sits on my desk near a spot where I sit early in the morning. But this description of the box is not accurate, for it is a gift from the heart and talented hands of my granddaughter who used her crayons to write a Mother’s Day covenant to me in her pure and simple language.

 “I love you” on one side…”You are the best” on the next…”Happy Mother’s Day” and a daisy on each of the other sides with a color motif to top it off on the cover.

So even in the dim light of early morning, my second grade granddaughter’s gift holds “a light for the nations” to my appreciative eyes. She started with what was at hand and it was a very ordinary, not impressive looking box, indeed.   Easy to overlook. But with her colors, words, and drawings, she made the simple into the sublime and with her gracious, honest expressions of love, I would never again look upon that as an ordinary box. It was now unlike all others.

Every relationship is not as magical as the grandparent-grandchild relationship but every relationship does contain a covenant intended to be acted upon — a covenant of peace, regardless of race, creed or religion. What would it be like to be a covenant of the people and would it then follow that we would be a “light for the nations”?

This scripture does serve as a reminder that the covenant of peace resides within us from our creator and gives us the impetus we need to be the best we can be in life’s easy and hard situations. We are not a plain, brown, box — we are the children of God — made in God’s image and likeness. That light needs to light up our world, one individual at a time.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to see this in action. Friends and people who serve others from their hearts and with their talents. Some are in ministry but most I’ve interacted with or become friends with simply serve others by sharing their gifts and talents, leading with self-respect and that opens their way to respecting others. It does create a light among the people.

A “light for all nations” is the still, small voice in us that guides us in the way of the Word on a daily basis. Everything in that voice beckons us toward peace and love for one another and stewardship for the world in which we live.

We may never be the one who sits at the international tables striving to bring peace to warring or about-to-be-warring nations. Yet every time we have the courage to make a true choice for peace and reconciliation in our own lives, we influence, in some unforeseen way, the peace processes going on around the world. “We must be the change we want to see,” said Ghandi.

Each time our actions originate from the place in us where the best resides and goes into our world with the intention of love, it is not a tiny thing. It is a light that person after person will attempt to respond back to with the best that is in them.

A light for all nations”, true…but the switch is in you and me.

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