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My Path is Connected to All that Is


I realize that part of the moving experience is losing my current techy and communication connections and addresses and acquiring new ones in their place. I don’t like this part of moving because I don’t understand how these are done and undone. 


So this brings me to think about the connections I want  to keep in my human life, some of them have been hard worked for, others tested and found to be valuable, some are pure gifts. May they all come through this physical move in good health and spirit.         




Connect my heart to my life,

            my life to my being.

Connect my day to my joy.

Connect my prayer to my Source.


Connect my family to my love.

            Connect my eyes to all of creation.

Connect my soul to the good, the true, and the beautiful.

            Connect my taste to the digestion of justice and peace.


Connect my direction to just the next right thing.

            Connect my sorrow to the well of transforming waters.

Connect my intolerance to the channels of change

            needed to be made within me.


Connect my prayer to the power of the Word

            which makes it so when united

                with the highest Will of Good.

Connect my bodily health to the divine molecular structure.


Connect my will to the Divine tasks

            assigned to me. 

Connect my persistence to the trust in the labyrinth path

            that always leads to the center and back

                        out into the world again.


Connect my sitting bones to different couches so that

            I don’t forget I am on a journey.

Connect my gratefulness and gratitude for life

            to each morning sunrise.


Connect my confusion to the patience that the answers

            lie within and will not be kept from me.

Connect my tears to the memory that I am always

            nurtured, supported, and guided just

                        for the asking.


Connect me to the asking.


Connect my work with only that which is mine to do

            And then connect me with the courage

                        and love to do it.


Connect me with the awareness and truth

            that I am part of all that is –

Connect me with the Oneness of me

            and the Oneness of Thee.


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