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May Your Heart be Happy in Your New Home

Tom and I received this card in the mail today from two good friends.  It is all about joy.

Not necessarily about the joy we are finding in our new home. But we are happy to be in it. It is more about the joy I felt in receiving the card. It surrounded me immediately and I did not wait until I got into the house to open the card up. I am glad I didn’t.

This card is about the joy found in a friendship that has formed and sustained itself over the test of time and built upon the good that abounds in four human beings. It is a friendship for which Tom and I are both grateful and count ourselves blessed.

This card is the creation of Kathy Davis on an American Greetings card. Her name signature on the back of the card carries the line….”scatter joy” led by a small butterfly. And see how that worked! The butterfly popped out of the envelope as soon as it was in my hand and joy was mine!

This is Kathy’s bio: “As a mother, wife and career woman, my work reflects my lifestyle and the things that inspire me. A love of nature and desire to give back to the world are driving forces in my creative process. My vision to Scatter Joy (registered) is personified through my brand promise:

                              ‘Joy through Art, Joy through Living, Joy through Giving… ‘

I hope that my artwork brings you joy that you’ll want to share with others.”


And, Kathy, your artwork does make me want to share with others. The rest of my day built upon the joy you shared with me and was given to me by my friends.

And now for an additional treat in Joy, please continue to Karen McMillan’s work below. Both Kathy and Karen rank high in the Muses of Joy with me.

 The video is over too soon. Karen, next time make one that lasts at least one minute!

Oh, wow, I see that your video is a minute. Well I need a two minute one next time then.

Thank you.

Loving the Video Karen made during her playtime, I am sharing it with you. I had an amazing day. Hope you did too. And I hope all my connections to Karen’s work actually work on this blog.  

“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”


Amelia Earhart
When you let go of fear, peace follows. 
Are you following peace?

 In Joy,

Dedicated to your peace and prosperity,
Karen McMillan, ACC, CUG


February 21st, 2011

Lazy Amazing Day – inspire you video #1

I am playing with my 2011 theme of “connection and play.”

Today, I am connecting with my inner artist via my photography.  Learning to play with software on my computer, i.e., Windows Live Moviemaker.  All with the intention of inspiring you.  Creating a 60 second time out for you and your busy brain.

Let me know what you feel.  And, share how you are honoring your inner artist.



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