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Wait for It

Motto: Ransur Foundation International

It’s the middle of the night – time change and all, yet I’ve had quite a discovery weekend and so the muses of inspiration are dancing with me. Hopefully, the zonker of a full afternoon deep sleep in my recliner will make up for some of my sleep deprivation measurements.

So wait for it….my official Monday post will come out over the next 48 hours.  And it follows the true theme of just never underestimate the power of one woman and what can be accomplished and set afire through her passion and commitment to the value of peace….true, individual peace. 

I will be sharing some information I am just finding out about, courtesy of my good friend, Linda Wilson, in Austin, Texas who knows Rita Marie Johnson, both as a personal friend and in professional work they shared together.

Rita is the Founder of Rasur Foundation International and has a whole lot to do and say about teaching Peace from the bottom up, the top down, and all around, and in developing her BePeace system, she has a big head start in dotting the world and most importantly our own individual heart with true peace. This will be summarized in my next blog.  

Storms in our own hearts, yes….we’ve watched and prayed and still watch and pray for the people of Japan, victims and survivors. We can harness the storms in our hearts, recognize compassion that can reach them and touch everyone and everything around us in empathy for the incomprehensible gift of life and love.

I will leave my readers with a few lines from a couple of special women whose blogs I follow and just received today:

 Fom author, CurtissAnn: “The moments from today glimmer in memory– my granddaughter running ahead of me,…The word comes strongly: sacred.

Suddenly I know the sacredness of this little child, this new and growing soul, in a brand new way.  The enormity of this truth rather shakes me, …I understood quite simply that as the grandmother that I have become in my place and time, I have been  given a sacred charge to help train up this sacred little girl and her sacred little brother.  How immense a gift, and a responsibility….Of all the things I hope to teach my granddaughter, the highest is to see herself with eyes of love…I want her to know God loves her, and that she is made a shining child in His image, meant to be loved and loving in return.

Dear God, let me leave a legacy of love to my grandchildren. Strengthen me for Your purpose as a grandmother. Amen.”

And from dadirri7 – “Ocean Cradle Life and Death – The cycle of life, birth, growth, death and decay is repeated continually around us and within us. Sometimes life is peaceful and plentiful, and later it is harsh, breaking and rebuilding. Recently we have seen our Mother Earth in violent changes, great storms, cyclones, earthquakes, fires and floods, a time of change. Our hearts are with those affected by the tsunami in Japan. Life and death, give and take, ebb and flow. This beautiful poem by Tagore expresses it perfectly:”

‘The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.
It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust
of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks
into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.
It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle
of life and death, in ebb and flow. ‘

Rabindranath Tagore



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