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Bree, Sue, Devon

It is time to let my readers know about the marvelous Mackinac Island Muse. Memorial Day will be here within a few more days, school spring concerts are being performed, high school seniors have been released awaiting graduation and we, in Michigan, ………love to play!

The State of Michigan has a very high quality and popular tourist ad campaign running named, “Pure Michigan.” This year’s campaign has started out with glimpses of  our favorite island, visited by people from around the world, Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island has the blessing and good fortune — their own pot of gold at the end of an evening rainbow — of having Brenda and Ted Horton, from Georgia, own a condo on the island, fulfilling one of their own retirement dreams. At retirement, they did things “a little differently” from most people.

Their “downsize” included obtaining a condo, high on the island to benefit from the cool breezes, warm days, and “cooled-down” timeclock from their previous professional lives. Include lots of island land and landmarks, though not owned, they could call their own in their daily hikes and dog walks across the land and on the trails.

When they became “empty-nesters”, the island population fell in love with them, and became their own extended family, (with distant cousins checking in from far and wide who have been on Mackinac Island and miss it, and ones who just enjoy the way Bree helps them experience it)  through Brenda’s blog: Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog.  She posts frequently her experiences of the day and her posts carry the exciting energy of “new day – new opportunity”.

Bree has an enchanting blog with her words and her magic camera puts the wow factor up front. Many readers, on and off the island, start the day with her blog and a hot cup of coffee, or finish the day by viewing it and enjoying a cold iced-tea. I’ve not yet seen a blog that has so many responses as she regularly gets to any one of her posts. She is very well read and enjoyed.

You will be able to mark her blog a favorite and have your own virtual vacation on Mackinac Island all summer long.  You will find it a charming break in your day which may seem ordinary. But after a blog or two, you will feel refreshed and I guarantee that you will be more apt to recognize the blessings around you this very day.

Our family, kids and grandkids have had wonderful week-long vacations in June at Dufina Cottage, just up the hill and behind the Grand Hotel. We met Bree on the horse carriage taxi that came to take us to the Arnold Ferry Dock when we were leaving two years ago.

That day, Bree was riding with the taxi-driver and blogging with guests who were being taken around the (car-less) island. She blogged about us. I started following her writing and photography right after that. After you have visited the island, had your fun there, you kind of wonder what you’re missing after you’ve left. So you can easily check in and there will always be a topic of interest and photos to almost meditate to.

The following year, our granddaughter Devon Warriner , at age 15, had just published her first book, “Get Over It”, a teen story set on Mackinac Island with fictional characters but realistic island terrain, business places and tourist activities.  Jill, at The Island Book Store, arranged an author signing event for Devon and Bree came over to Dufina and interviewed Devon on the writing of her book.  We will be leaving for Mackinac Island in just about four weeks, and this year, the family gets to celebrate the wedding of Tom’s sister and her groom, at the Gazebo that was filmed in “Lost in Time” with Christopher Reeves.

In the meantime, Ted will probably be either enjoying his coffee on the front porch of their condo or be at the Museum, proudly conversing and offering historical facts of the island’s majestic background, layout of the land, and whatever else he can help with. Occasionally, he will be interrupted by someone who comes up to him and says, “You don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Bree’s…….” and he nods and says, “Yes, she has an awful lot of those around here.”


This is the blog about our taxi – ride and meeting Bree for the first time.

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