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My Writing Blessing
By Susan H. Hajec (Sept. 1, 2011)
Truth Seeker, Peace Maker, Love Giver

  May I wake to each new dawn, alive and alert, with gratitude that this is the Day the Lord hast made.

May I rejoice in the Presence of the Divine. May the angels be leaders of light and joy today on my writer’s path.

May my writing flow from my loving heart. And may these writing increase love and inspiration in the world through countless readers who are led to them.

May the light of my soul infuse my writings with the power of Truth, Peace and Love.

May this light reflect the beauty of my own soul to attract and reflect the light of others.

May this light become an impassioned and unquenchable flame within me. May it attract like a magnet all good and prosperity in my personal life.

May this writer know that she is daily provided for in the grand plan of life and that she doesn’t control that plan.

May this writer sense the possibility and potential that surround her and engulf her this very day.  May she serve her world through careful writing and reflection.

May I go into the night, humble, gracious and fulfilled.

May my writer’s soul always renew and companion me in grace to the next word to be written.  Amen.

 (some inspiration of the pattern of this blessing, provided by John O’Donohue’s “A Blessing” in Anam Cara, page 160)

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