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Safe Storage

There is a squirrel that has been very busy this past week in our small back yard (a tiny square, actually with a nice tree in it, and then backs up to a golf course chain link fence). This squirrel is doing it all, pacing furiously, working, searching, interrupts the mission at any given moment for a time-out of hilarious miss-matched play and gyrations….then back to gathering and running about with a seeminly intent mission upon it’s mind.

Occasionally he comes up on our small patio block and I think he is going to actually knock on our door. I think he wants to ask us if we do not know winter is coming for what he sees of us is two loafers in easy chairs. Then back he goes to his own business, probably with the thought, “To each their own!” 

So today, I share some thoughts I think a squirrel might have about this time of year. I wrote these thoughts years ago in a poem titled, “Safe Storage”. It is in my collection of poems still being added to “Divine Being”. 

                                      Safe Storage 
Susan H. Hajec

                                 Don’t go without.
                                 Winter’s coming
                                 There’s no doubt.
                                 Scurry here, hurry there
                                 I’m much too busy to compare
                                 The pile in my winter store
                                 To what I think I’ve used before.
                                 I guess it’s maybe–
                                 Just one more!



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