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A new earth, discovered afar — six-hundred light years away. A twin to our earth, they wonder and say?

It’s something to wonder about. Not necessarily that there could be life so very far away from where we are. But that at least something exists — a planet — that we know about now and did not know before.

Like scientists, we can explore the outer and the inner life we have and discover — new discoveries every day of our life. Big or small, it doesn’t matter at all. Newness generates life and newness propels the sense of awe and wonder. Good traits to have in our lives.

What we look for matters. This is the time of year when people tend to look with kinder eyes, with more open hearts, and with an expectation of kindness. A “Hallmark Christmas” still breathes hope into the still soul. Where the important things in life count– peace on earth, good will toward all.

That’s enough newness to bring to our existing earth — bringing it into each new day of the new year of 2012.  That’s what Jesus said. He makes all things new. We can do the same.

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