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I think this end-of-2011 year- post is actually going to date as my January 1, 2012 post as my blog clock does not agree with actual time. Be that as it may:

I am sitting at my computer at 10:30 am on December 31, 2011. The last week of this year has been busier than usual with things to do, mostly tending family, plus a computer crash occurred and Tom has gotten me temporarily “strung-together” on an old laptop we have at hand and a new $12 keyboard, and a backup system that restored all my old files to this “new” old computer.

THAT – for me is HAPPY NEW YEAR!

But it comes down to so much more than computers. Today, I am immersed in knowledge and awareness of the Presence of great amounts of grace in my life.  Grace, to me, is a reality, one that lives in my life daily through happiness, joy, faith, love, fear, doubt and troubles.

It lives inwardly and gives me the courage to live in the questions of my life until the answers appear. It helps me know I am willing to share both my intuition and knowledge with others, but warn them that it is not actually “advice”. For grace lives within all of them also and for the  willingness to listen within, that is their own voice of advice.

So my wishes for all for the new year is that on a daily basis, we be filled with grace  and find the true joy, happiness and purpose of the great plan at work in our lives. That we can dive into our very lives with trust when we, ourselves, are willing to live in love with our own life.

Yes there are goals, resolutions, intentions, wishes, visions, and —reality; let them all intertwine and intermingle within to produce the very best “GOOD” in our lives and may we REMEMBER to be open to the Good — invite it in. Happy New Year, Good — I want you in my life.

I thank all my napkin- readers. This has been a joyous task for me and I look forward to continuing my stories in 2012.



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