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sun_175826 – internet – NASA
So the Universe is singing the Lord our God is One….words of Teilhard de Chardin from Sabastian Temple’s lyrics of the beliefs of the Cosmos tied to spirituality.  There are not two, there is only One and we are part of the one.
He also sings of the Fire of Love, in all atoms.  In preparing for some work I am doing with mandala, I had just finished reading some of Judith Cornell’s PH.D work on patterns of light and sound and the cosmos.
And right now the cosmos is “lighting up!”
Sun Corneal Mass Emission – 1-23-12

“light is the first begotten, and the first emanation of the Supreme, and Light is Life, says the Evangelist and the Kabalist. Both are electricity — the life principle…pervading the universe. ..Within its beams lie the beginnings of all physical and chemical action, and of all cosmic and spiritual phenomena.” (H.P Blavasky)

Well, I believe I have asked for it! I just completed my  Intention Mandala for 2012 and in both the name and image, I have asked for greater understanding and wisdom this year of my relation and connection to Mother Earth, the Cosmos, and the Spiritual Reality of it all.

I named my year: KINDLE ME IN THE FIRE OF THY LOVE — and by that I intend to be involved in firey action and application of the principle of Love where ever and when ever I can.  And I will respond to the spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit  by listening intently “within” (to the soul) just as the fire of Mother Earth is alive at her very center.

So the image and word, “fire” is catching my attention. Besides the fire in the night skys being reported internationally, I’ve seen two today:

 “Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark
in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not-yet and the
not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely
frustration for the life you deserved and have
never been able to reach. The world you
desire can be won. It exists…it is real…
it is possible….it is yours.”
                               -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

And a quote on my Inspiration Calendar from Wayne Dyer:

“The quality that stands out among those who feel inspired
is one of intense, burning desire
that needs to be so great that your love
for who you are and what you do
precludes the possibility
of any boredom, tedium,
or weariness.”

The image of my mandala is a cosmic globe of Mother Earth  afloat in the vast, dark but light-speckled Universe background, with my nephew, Charlie Hajec’s, immense glowing yellow, orange, red fireball superimposed at the globe’s center. His image grabbed me and never let me go when I first saw it about eight months ago.

I have it posted on my creative room wall now and the fire almost seems to pulsate at will. With a little candle meditation and a darkened room, I’m almost certain it will. 

I didn’t expect a sign so soon from the Universe that I was on the right track, but I’ll take it and continue my inward and outward journey (to the sun?) No, I’ll just let the sun shed a little light on my quest.


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What Winter is All About

Once again, I present the joyful images of the Winterfest Snow Fun at The Montessori School this past Saturday. Very well timed, as it was one day of snow freshly arrived from a beautiful snowfall on Friday evening.  Photos from the Montessori School.

Are these kids and adults having fun or what?

Amy - Good Ride


Can't See


Dump Off



Going fast


Love it!

Here we go

Losing it


Pile On


Piggy Back




Triple Ride


Taking Mom



And when it’s time to go in……..
One more
walk up
the hill!

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