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Stones and Connection

         About Shanee, author of

I Want To Be Kind


Shanee is a Journal writer, mother, friend, daughter, wife, sister, psychologist/counsellor with children and families

…a few things about her. She currently lives in an ‘earthquake active’ zone (Christchurch, New Zealand) which tends to dominate life at times. She hopes to remove that detail from ‘about me’ at some stage in the near future.

‘Throw me to the sky’, the blog title, was said one day (again and again) by her four year old son whilst pushing him on the swing. She loved it, wrote it down and subsequently wrote a poem about writing, with that title. She still loves the image…full of possibility, vastness, and imagining…just some of the words I associate with writing.

She says, “Although I am interested in many aspects, forms, purposes, and possibilities of a writing path, the following quotes speak to some of my writing passion:”

‘Writing can be a pretty desperate endeavor, because it is about some of our deepest needs: our need to be visible, to be heard, our need to make sense of our lives, to wake up and grow and belong.’ Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird.

“If one woman told the truth about her life, the world would split open’ .” Muriel Rukeyser. 

 I, (Napkinwriter),  love the Muriel Rukeyser quote and I found Shanlee’s website because she took up a 31 day challenge of writing a little “stone” each day of something she focused upon, concentrated on and noticed in intricacy. This challenge is given to writers from the website of  “A River of Stones” at www.writingourwayhome.com , a mindfulness practice for writing.

Her poem, I Want To Be Kind, reminded me of one I wrote on Napkinwriter almost exactly one year ago in late January 2011 and the theme of Connections wove itself steadily through last year with me like a faithful companion and a light upon my path.

And speaking of paths, the photo I used a year ago is perfect for connecting me to Shanee and her “stones”. I love path photos and take them all the time. Notice in this photo how the stones are in the forefront of the photo opening to the path beyond.

We never know in life what our stones and our paths are going to reveal to us and connect us with.

Shanee, I celebrate you and me in this post!

 I want to be kind – last small (HUGE) stone Jan 31
                              by Shanee

(HUGE) referring to the fact Shanee fulfilled her commitment of writing these “stones” for the full month of January. Visit her website to read others.

I want to be kind
But not a pushover

I want to be gentle and compassionate
But so often I am just grumpy and irritable

I want to be loving
But too often anger wins

I want to be content
But I am permeated by discontent

I want to be settled
But I seem to crave change

I want to be grateful
But really I want more

I want to be with others
But usually I’m more content alone

I want to be decisive
But it’s hard when faced with a thousand possibilities 

I want to be here
But so often I really want to be there

I want to be happy
But I wonder too much what that really means
to truly be able to claim it

I want to be thin
But I resist the discourses of patriarchal culture 
And pretend to eat what I like

I want to live in harmony and balance 
But how will I recognize them
Without first knowing disharmony and chaos?

I want to be rich
But not at any price

I want to help
But sometimes I just want to sleep

I want to be intelligent, witty and clever
But mostly I just muddle through

I want to be original or grand
Rather than mundane or inadequate
But I’m working on genuine and authentic

Sometimes, I want to be you, or him or her
But always I am just me,
imperfect, whole
and truly blessed.


 by Susan H. Hajec, Napkinwriter

 I realize that part of the moving experience is losing my current techy and communication connections and addresses and acquiring new ones in their place. I don’t like this part of moving because I don’t understand how these are done and undone. 

 So this brings me to think about the connections I want  to keep in my human life, some of them have been hard worked for, others tested and found to be valuable, some are pure gifts. May they all come through this physical move in good health and spirit.         


                         by Susan H. Hajec

Connect my heart to my life,
            my life to my being.
Connect my day to my joy.
            Connect my prayer to my Source.

 Connect my family to my love.
            Connect my eyes to all of creation.
Connect my soul to the good, the true, and the beautiful.   
             Connect my taste to the digestion of justice and peace.

 Connect my direction to just the next right thing.
            Connect my sorrow to the well of transforming waters.
Connect my intolerance to the channels of change
            needed to be made within me.

 Connect my prayer to the power of the Word
            which makes it so when united
                with the highest Will of Good.
Connect my bodily health to the divine molecular structure.

 Connect my will to the Divine tasks
            assigned to me. 
Connect my persistence to the trust in the labyrinth path
           that always leads to the center and back
                        out into the world again.

 Connect my sitting bones to different couches so that
            I don’t forget I am on a journey.
Connect my gratefulness and gratitude for life
            to each morning sunrise.

 Connect my confusion to the patience that the answers
            lie within and will not be kept from me.
Connect my tears to the memory that I am always
            nurtured, supported, and guided just
                        for the asking.

 Connect me to the asking.

 Connect my work with only that which is mine to do
            And then connect me with the courage
                        and love to do it.

 Connect me with the awareness and truth
            that I am part of all that is –
Connect me with the Oneness of me
            and the Oneness of Thee.

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