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Continuing with February’s heart and love theme, I choose to pull a few quotes from Hal Zina Bennett. Many years ago, it seemed that in the books I was reading at that time, quotes frequently popped up from Hal Zina Bennett.

I had not read any of his books yet but I always liked the inserted quote of Hal’s sharing on the topic. Then a notice appeared in the newspaper that he was making an appearance at a local book store and sharing about his newly published book, Write from the Heart. 

Writing from the heart was a leading premise in the programs I was facilitating  in my “Write Now!” workshops, so my interest was high and I went to listen to him. I don’t remember a whole lot of what was said there, but we must have had a good interchange. On his autographed page he wrote to me: ”

                               “For Susan, Thanks so much for sharing
                               your story and your healing.”  HZB

I don’t remember what I talked to him about–it may have been my unknown mother and subsequent information-gathering and writing I did to make peace with this life event. It probably was.  The need to clear this within was certainly a prime motivator for my writing.

I am grateful I have the purpose to write and that I have found many avenues of expression for this writing. The main one, however, seems to be to just continue to write. It is a time-filler, but it is a way in which I choose and desire to fill time….as a writer.  And I am grateful to the many authors who published books confirming the activity and way of the writer to be valid and necessary, in itself, whether published or not. They have achieved much in the way of  keeping us seated in our chair, writing.

Hal Zina Bennett began his writing career in 1970 with the publication of The Well Body Book, a pioneering work that helped launch the field of self-help/holistic health, now a major publishing category. He has authored more than twenty successful books and consults for many of the country’s leading independent publishers.

In addition to his own books, he is one of the most sought-after collaborative writers and shaping editors in the country. He has helped more than 200 authors develop projects for today’s highly competitive book industry.

So I will share just a few quotes from his book, which I probably haven’t had off the shelf  for more than a dozen years, and find that some of the statements he makes in this book are truths, if not known by me for sure by then, have come into focus by this time. That is always delightful for me to discover…

….Words are tangible bridges of thought held over time that come into reality.  If that bridge wasn’t completely visible to me at one time, the paths of inquiry and curisosity and passion create a direction where I eventual discover and cross over it.

To begin with, he says:  “This book is about writing
                                                  …..from your heart.

                                                And it’s about finding
                                                 the Creative Spirit
                                                that lives within each of us.

                                               It’s for anyone
                                              who loves writing —
                                                a private journal

                                              Or a book
                                              of  nonfiction

                                              Or the first pages
                                             of the world’s greatest
                                            yet-to-be published novel…

                                             Or a single poem…

                                           Or maybe just in your mind. ”

He shares a Matthew Fox quote:

Our creativity is not a cute thing for the weekend dabblers in the arts; it lies at the essence of who we are. We are all creators, and therefore we all have work — good work– awaiting us.”

He says he likes what Matthew Fox says about the creative act in general. “Creativity is the link between our inner work and the outer work that society requires of us. Creativity is the threshold through which our non-action leads to actions of beautification, celebration and healing in the world.”

Hal speaks of being convinced there is such a thing as divine inspiration and that it, undoubtedly is the most powerfuol source of our creativity. He is also convinced this power is accessible to all of us. That’s not a hard thing for any aspiring writer or creator to hear!

“If you take your journey as a writer seriously, the end product is going to be much more than a published book, poem, article, or story, or a lifetime of personal journals. The path will take you beyond the surface of everyday life toward the inner space of human experience, where you cannot escape the awareness of creative sources far greater than yourself.”

I’m sure I enjoyed reading that line on page 31 many years ago, when I first purchased the book, for it is underlined. But, now, many years later I not only enjoy seeing that but can express from my very own experience over these several years, that is is very true for me. That is exactly where my writing has taken me. And that is exactly what propels me on to the next written word.

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