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Well, I found another professional neural expert, with a huge background in academia, eleven years of religious life who insists that our body contains the wisdom we need to guide us and actually be the teacher of how we can self-actualize into an exhuberant being. And that this is exactly the point!

She helps people, personally and professionally, to see around their “smallness” and encourages them instead to check out the Spark of Genius in them.

In fact, on Joan C. King’s website, http://www.cellular-wisdom.com/  Joan asks a very pertinent question: “Who are YOU to deprive the world of YOUR genius?”

Joan C. King

I used to hear a different version of that question when I was growing up: “Who do YOU think YOU are?” and the inflection of the question, made one want to duck or get on a quick defensive because of the way it was asked.

Now I encourage others to answer that question when I sense they are “downsizing” themselves or their true magnificence and reframe a more accurate answer of goodness and ability.

So I love Joan’s question and her leadership and coaching of people looking for new definitions of success, personal success, by their own measuring sticks, when the life force seems to have slowed or stopped up within them.

She doesn’t care for limits — she wants expansiveness of consciousness. When we don’t think we know, we ask instead:  “What IS it I KNOW that I don’t know that I KNOW?” That keeps the door open.

With a resume that includes eleven years as a Dominican nun and more than twenty years as a medical school professor,chair, director and researcher, Joan King’s life journey has been one leap of faith after another. But the most recent one landed her exactly where she feels she was meant to be—writing,speaking, and teaching about the divine connection between body and soul.

Could the cells teach us how to live? “Yes, they can.”

If we leave them alone, if our beliefs don’t limit what the energy field is,
our cells thrive. Their default state is to thrive. “What I did was I looked
at the ways in which cells act that are fundamental to the function of the cell. And I asked if that could be a template for how to live exuberantly.”

And one key lesson from how the body functions is that everything
flows from a central core. In Cellular Wisdomshe writes:

“Take, for example, the principle that information flows from the
interior of a cell to its outer reaches. Moreover, the principle
underlying this pattern—   that guidance originates from the center—
can be seen everywhere in the body.”

Information emanating from our core is where it all begins and ends.

 Her book, Cellular Wisdom: Decoding the Body’s Secret Language, integrates the fields of science and spirituality into an understanding of
ourselves as whole, complete beings . . . perfectly engineered.

Instead of attempting to explain how the body works, King shifts the focus to what the body can tell us about how to live and how to thrive; how to allow the fullness of the life force to enter our complete being at all levels.

Because the cells naturally do just that, she finds them to be the perfect teachers. King sees our bodies as providing the blueprints for expanding our consciousness and the process of decoding the body’s secret language as the key to unlocking the door to the soul.

King explains, “I’m using the body as a teacher because our cells
resonate fully with the life force.”

King’s search for that something that would allow her to integrate
both her spiritual and scientific backgrounds, to synthesize her
knowledge of biology and her spiritual longings lead her to cellular
wisdom. But it wasn’t an immediate match up.

“No, I didn’t discover the cellular wisdom connection until I actually
left academia and shut up! I left and I took a six-month sabbatical. In that time I did nothing but read and meditate. I did not talk to people and that was important for me.”

King credits her years at the convent with teaching her about the value of silence, of turning within in times of uncertainty and transition.

“I know that in my life I have to have the balance of silence.”

And so for six months she created that balance. “During that time,
the only question I asked was ‘Who am I? Underneath all of this
stuff, who’s the energy?’

Then I asked, ‘What am I going to do?’” It was in the silence that she first
heard the voice of cellular wisdom.

And once identified, it all became very clear. What exactly did she hear? King responds quietly, “it was the hum of the soul.”


Source of writing taken from article published in Sept. 2006 Science of Mind, written by Linda Potter, A Conversation with Joan King

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