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Yesterday we had one of our nice Michigan snowy days. The kind that Amy would have loved to be outside playing in. But she was healing from the sniffles and sneezes and she had to stay inside.

She came to our house for what we thought would be a few hours stay while dad went to the gym. It turned out to be an “all-dayer” as things just kinda went along into the afternoon and by early evening, we thought it was a good idea to invite dad to hang out and watch TV with Dziadzia and invite mom to come to our house for a spaghetti and meatball dinner after her long day of  work as an eye doctor.

Amy made the day amazing. I wrote recently about a day I had of “ease and grace”, but  Amy’s energy and love of being here turned it into a magical day.

Even feeling a bit under the weather, she kind of designed the day naturally as the time passed. She started with her own tiny computer and playing games on it. (her favorite, Beauty and the Beast)  As she figured each clue to the new task, delighted in success marked on the screen, giggling and anxious to share her victories.

Then she treated us to some of her musical melodies on my piano. She plays and touches the keys mainly with one finger, singing lyrics and striking a musical note. Sometimes, she gets in full concert mode and uses several fingers, and without knowing how to read music yet, she creates a pleasant sound from the keyboard. 

 She also directed her small, amateur (us) band for a short gig. She needs to get a leader baton from Aunt Kathleen. Perhaps we would improve a little. She’s a very disciplined music leader. No nonsense here!

She decided she was hungry for a light lunch of a cheese tortilla and juice and helped me make the tortilla, “just like daddy does.” During her lunch, I put together my meatballs and sauce to simmer for dinner, still thinking there would just be Tom and me at the evening meal.

Then Amy was ready to take me to my room, where she has special space designed for her. This is her favorite place to get grandma into and close off the rest of the world except for the two of us.

Two new things she’s discovered and likes to do in this room is make copies on the printer and continue coloring mandala designs with my large color pencil supplies. We did both, and she exclaims how “beauuuuuuutiful and amaaaaaaaaazing each new task and color is.

I had my Reiki table up in the room and she has decided that is her bunk bed in grama’s room, so she took intermittent rests on it and I read stories to her about her favorite turtle, Franklin…..who is afraid……well of a lot of things……storms, with lightening and thunder for one.  

But she exclaims not to be afraid of storms because at her house they have had a lot of power outages with storms, so she can tell me the whole routine of  flashlights, darkness, sometimes trips to the basement, and then the return of the light.

She spies the screensaver of a North Carolina lighthouse on my computer screen and tells me all about the lighthouse’s duty to warn ships to stay safely out in the water. She learned this from listening to daddy on one of their summer trips to South Haven’s Lake Michigan beach and lighthouse.

Her dad returns from his outing with the coconut I asked him for and I take time out to make a very quick, easy recipe of a coconut cream pie I just found in a magazine and dad is thinking that’s a pretty neat dessert.

Amy, during this time, does fall asleep, on her “bunk bed” and I put chairs around to secure her. We decide to invite mom now for dinner which Carl thinks is beginning to look pretty good. Amy is only too happy to help grandma in the kitchen, setting placemats, silverware and napkins on the table, deciding where everyone is going to sit.

Then she gets right in front of me with wide eyes and says, “Grandma, let’s get cookin’!”

Which we think is a pretty good name for a cookbook we could put together over the next few years of Amy and Grama cooking together.  We have two recipes ready now.  Amy’s Cheese Tortilla and Grama’s Instant Hit Coconut Cream Pie which is so easy that Amy could make it now. We’ll also have to include Great Grama’s Sugar Cookies, which Amy rolled out, cut shapes and decorated the baked cookies with frosting and sprinkles expertly at Christmas time.

She fills glasses with ice cubes and water from our amazing refrigerator dispenser, mom arrives and dinner is on.  A little more alone-with- grandma-time after dinner, and then Amy is home to a good night’s sleep with an armful of creative and amazing coloring pieces of Minnie Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, and Tinkerbell.

I was amazingly tired as I sat down in my chair late in the evening, yet grateful for the light energy of possibility and excitement  in little things this precious four-year-old added to my day.

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