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I joined Cindi’ Oriente’s healing network today at the global hour when so many others around the world were also offering their Reiki healing and prayers. When I finished, I had a sense of peace but also a sense of increased  need out there in the world that has occurred just in this past week.

Many, many more people woke up today to a different world than they knew one short week ago — one of pain, devastation and loss; through the tornadoes, the Ohio high school shootings, and Syria’s now-blocked-from the world’s view killings.

I offer my time and myself in prayer for the masses and for  personal family and friends’ needs. At the end of my prayer time, I read a little bit about Cindi and in one instance she asked us if we remember the story of Chicken Little.

I do. I hated that story. I hated people laughing or making light of Chicken Little and not listening to her. I was on Chicken Little’s side. And for a good part of my own life, I felt often that the sky was falling on me.

Now I am praying and offering my Reiki healing to those people and families upon which the sky truly has fallen. My time is very quiet — my knowing is that there is a Spirit, Power, and Presence in the very places and hearts where it is needed — while I sit in my unchanged world with only my heart and my love and my prayers  to give them. This will have to be enough.

It is enough because it is light and I believe with all my heart that this light shines through a darkness that cannot put it out. Tears from a bottomless well of broken hearts cannot douse the flame — because when there are those who cannot see because of the darkness, there are also those who carry the light and surround them until the way can be found.

There is much need for us to “keep our lamps lit” to keep our hearts open and to be ready. For we have been told we do not know the day or the hour in which we will be called to share our own light or be prepared to receive the light of love and prayer from another.



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