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North Carolina Bound

Long day, long trip, but we are here in Charlotte North Carolina. We are in a fun and festive mood, enjoying all the aspects of this trip.

Tom and I resided in North Carolina for five years between 2003 and 2008. We had numerous and large business responsibilities and very long days and weekends of business activities. While we were in North Carolina, we lived in two apartment complexes and one new home for a short period.

Most of the fun we had while we were in NC was with two of our neighbors who had a home next to us and across the street from us. (who was actually the builder of our home and our other neighbor’s home. But they are both gone from there now, as are we in the pattern of life moving on for all of us.

Our builder and his wife have actually returned to his homeland of Wales. It is a dream of ours that we one day might be able to visit them there. Lois, next door, an active, vibrant, humorous 70 year “something has moved back to her home state of NY after Jim’s death of cancer. All of this, along with the closing of our businesses and their life changes seemed to happen in so short of time.

So there is no one to go visit that we know in our old and brief neighborhood experience in Newton, NC.

We worked much more than we played while we lived in NC. So our visit brings us back to have an enjoyable time with no real work responsibilities. We’ve enjoyed the familiar and gorgeous geography of West Virginia and Virginia especially and then as we came into the Statesville area of NC, I got a sense of life lived on this land (mostly in a car back and forth to one of our locations) and lots of good memories flooded back.

I’ll be taking an art workshop with Catherine Anderson in Charlotte tomorrow and the next day Tom is meeting with a business contact about a project he wants to move forward. But none of this seems like work to either of us.

We’re just enjoying the southern climate, having left Michigan in an unusually warm period, going to enjoy a date night out tomorrow night in the Charlotte city atmosphere, do some swimming at the motel, and enjoy our trip …….BACK HOME TO MICHIGAN.

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