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Earth Day for all of us, of course , is every day of our calendar year. At this point in cosmic history, as we know it, there is no “Planet B” on which we can be born into and live our lives upon.

Earth is our point of reference. It truly is Mother for it nourishes, supports, and sustains our very breath and life on a moment to moment basis. More and more, we are being asked as a collective group of responsible beings, are we doing the same for Mother Earth.

Do we nourish the physical realms upon which we live, visit and explore? Does the way in which we live upon this Earth support her rather than damage her? And do we use the information available to guide the Earth to a sustainable future by how we leave our carbon prints upon the Earth and truly respect the Truth that we have a responsibility to the future generations of the world’s families?

In his book, Mago’s Dream, Communing with the Earth’s Soul, author and world-renowned peace activist and spiritual leader, Ilchi Lee, says “the following should be the first words spoken to a newborn: ‘ Welcome to the Earth. You are now an Earth-Human, whose life roots are buried deep inside the heart of the Earth.’

He continues to say this should be the very first thing that a baby learns. It should also be the first message the human brain receives.

It is the highest enlightenment there is; to know that you have come to Earth and that you are now an Earth-Human. Lee co-hosted the first Humanity Conference in June 2001, held in Seoul, Korea, to explore the concrete influence that spirituality can have on our current political, economic and cultural makeup.

He says that the moment we become aware of the Earth, we will be awakened to cosmic awareness.  Earth, he feels, provides us with a more concrete target for the path of our consciousness evolution. “Furthermore if we make an effort to engage in conscious evolution of our awareness, we will realize that we are One with the cosmos, at the very moment we realize we are One with the Earth.

A human being can elevate his/her consciousness enough to feel the entirety of the Earth in his or her heart, and to realize the Oneness that connects all of life in a web of live, pulsating energy.

“That human being,” writes Lee, “will then look at the Earth and all life as ‘home’ and with the love and protectiveness that home generates.” This is transformational. It is the amazing power of enlightenment.

It comes down to our own individual choices to become aware of the cosmic vastness of our consciousness, or not.

I have made the choice to grow in my personal understanding of cosmic consciousness in the areas of science, spirituality, and social action.

I have joined the ACE (Agents of Conscious Evolution) course to evolve personally and collectively with persons around the globe to prepare for a new birth of Earth consciousness to be celebrated by millions of people on December 22, 2012.

Yes, on the day AFTER the Mayan calendar ends, Barbara Marx Hubbard, is preparing to have a world-wide party of Earth-Humans who believe they can and will make a difference in actually raising the consciousness of the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

A difference in communication; a heightening and strengthening of worthy, sustainable values; an adherence to a core belief that the Earth can serve all the needs of its populations; a growing understanding of what heart-t0-heart coherence can mean to the uplifting of the planet; getting a real discussion going among the leaders of peace, science, religions, and social activists about what can work in co-creating new models of leadership and co-existence on the planet.

And all these mighty goals and perhaps lofty ideals are supported by a growing acceptance of larger amounts of quiet time in our personal lives for communing with the One, the Holy, the Divine, the Un-nameable, actually God to many, Budda to others; and in the opening up of regular, sacred, even scheduled time in the quiet, which is part of what  Hubbard calls  our  Emergence, she believes we will come to find we will be actually communing, uniting, and becoming that Holy Divine Part of ourselves, which she terms as Essence.

From there, with global acclimation, persons go out into their days, more divinely led and act in our world, on behalf of the good of the Earth, from this pure place within, recognized as Essence — and we do not have the end of the Earth.

Perhaps, the end of the Earth as we know it now,……and the beginning of the New Earth, rich with potential and possibilities of compassionate and passionate co-creation of good, and more good, and more and more good.

Isn’t that a very happy Earth day?

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells us what astonishes him most about our universe: that the atoms comprising our bodies are literally made of star-dust. “So that when I look up at the night sky and I know that yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is in us,” he says. “There is a level of connectivity” – which is what most of us want in life: to feel connected, relevant.


I am beginning to study a 12 week on-line study with Barbara Marx Hubbard’s The Shift organization called ACE Training: Agents of Conscious Evolution  —  so all things from the individual body cells that comprise my own and others bodies to the ever-inspiring act of star-gazing in the heavens is of great interest and genuine curiosity to me at this time.

Wrapped up in all of this is a desire to BE the Change I wish to see in the world, because I know we can do better, or put more succinctly, I can CONTINUE to do better in being a compassionate, caring, learning and evolving human, and touch the loved ones, friends and strangers I meet along the way with these qualities.

Emergence ….. as Marx Hubbard calls it and my soul coaching card read.

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Every morning, I start my day by seeing this wall photo across from my kitchen table. It is a great reminder.

Today I live my day from Joy!

I wish everyone a joy-filled day.

I have a few difficult things to do today, and I know I will be able to do them. More and more, I want to constantly remember, I come from and I live in joy. This is my being and I am grateful for it.

I am at home on God’s good Earth. Nature surrounds and supports me, uplifts me with the singing birds, and the light breezes from the new leaves emerging from the trees. The sun shines her radiant energy rays upon me and lightens my being. It is good.


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Peace Lady and Fire ‘n Fury- by Susan H. Hajec

The two Raku’ fired masks above were created by me in the mid 1990’s after being given a writing assignment to feature one of international artist Katheryn Trenshaw’s mask workshops. It was given to teenage girls who were residents in a group home — their diagnoses for being there:  they were “troubled”.

Masks were, at that time, an endless source of fascination in Trenshaw’s work. She saw them as a tool through which she expresses creative artistry and develops psychological understandings. Her own background training included degrees in psychology and the arts.

Her mask work was preceded by international recognition for her work with Breaking the Silence, an exhibit of sculpted masks and paintings which powerfully depicted the pain and healing of surviving child sexual abuse.

She then expanded her work with masks to go beyond that one specific form of abuse where “lack of voice and power” occurs.

I was richly blessed to both meet Katheryn and study and participate in her work, for I was in the midst of working out personal issues (which would continue for years, where lack of voice and power were at the core of the issue).

But the day I arrived for the assignment, one girl early on caught my attention, and within the scope of the whole assignment, I felt drawn to observe and tell as much of her story as I could.  I began my two page article with:

“Maggie was very worried about the shivering dog. She saw it sitting outside the workshop center when she arrived on that cold, frosty December morning. Maggie continually interrupted Katheryn Trenshaw as the leader gathered her thirteen early teenage girls to begin Finding Protection/Creating Masks Workshop.

Maggie was anxious about the dog’s protection from the cold and wanted to bring it inside.

Maggie’s distractions continued as the workshop progressed. She asked every adult in the room if they would bring the dog home. She was cold, herself, and complained of the room temperature.

She alternated between wide, friendly smiles with her peers, argumentative confrontation, attention-getting cries of pain in her ankle during a movement exercise and self-imposed isolation throughout the four hours workshop.

But at the conclusion of the mask workshop, Maggie had successfully traversed the mysterious space between outer activity and inner truth.

In doing that, her mask creation evolved from a flat sphere, poked numerous times with pencil indentations to a wildly expressive three-dimensional, explosive face.

Within the formation of a pair of over-sized, wiggly ears, sorrowful eyes and a pained expression, two protruding front teeth and a well-defined tongue thrust forth from a mouth to serve notice to any potential threat.

This is her protector – beware!”

After creating their masks and doing several movement exercises, interspaced with  quiet time (difficult for the girls), Trenshaw had them come together in a sacred, safe and protective circle where they would hear their voice. They were also to name their masks.

The name of Maggie’s mask, spoken from her own voice was:

Be Gone, Rapist

 Trenshaw’s work is about protection. A type of protection that for Maggie (not her real name)  virtually affects her way of thinking, acting and responding to herself and all the people in her environment.

Katheryn realizes that she serves only as a guide along the road of discovery. In the workshop, the teenage participants are led to recognize and claim the protective power that lies within each of them and that they can use their voice to claim and realize that protection.

So many years later, I imagine these girls’ lives did not simplify and clear up so instantaneously.  But I am also  aware of the changes, for the better, in my own life, for experiencing this work and learning from it.

My hope is that Maggie and some of the others took some strength and some small “mustard-seed” of self-worth from this workshop, and led them, challenges and all, into a strong and “voice-filled” adulthood.

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Happy Monday morning!


Go to this website of writer CurtissAnn Matlock for a beautiful floral sight to behold. When she is not writing, CurtissAnn is creating a bountious flower environment hugging her every moment …… OR  tending some mighty lucky chickens who have a home-built castle by her husband to live in and much TLC from both of them.

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What to Do For a “Lighter You”

October 14, 2010http://worldhealingnetwork.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/lighteryou/?blogsub=confirming#blog_subscription-2
Cindi Oriente – World Healing Network
Napkinreaders, enjoy this writing created by Cindi at the World Healing Network. I just finished a global time of praying for and giving Reiki worldwide to those on their healing list and others who I know to have healing needs.
The following writing sums up a guaranteed peaceful way to be in our world and as I practice these things, I get deeper and deeper into a pool of peace, which is more and more often not able to be disturbed by circumstances in my own or others’ lives.

In these times of great change and accelerated energy there are many steps you can take and ideas you can embrace that will help you not only cope, but thrive. This requires that you release outdated, fear-based thoughts, beliefs and emotions to make way for a new, higher-frequency, love-based reality.

Here are ten things you can do to become a “lighter you”:

Commit to your evolution 

Dedicate yourself to personal evolution, and cultivate a relationship with yourself that is loving, patient and without judgment. Acknowledge that you are powerful, and that your thoughts, coupled with the heart energy, can create any reality you dream of. Be aware that your energy extends well beyond your physical body, and that you have the ability to affect the world around you simply by your presence, so you make the choice to live consciously and responsibly.

Choose love

Remember that there are two basic emotional expressions–love and fear–and that at any given moment each of us is either in a state of giving and receiving love or in a state of fear, calling out for love. Moment to moment, as often as possible, make the love choice.

Acknowledge your important role

Realize that you are involved in a great period of spiritual awakening, and that you can be a facilitator in this exciting shift in consciousness and heightened awareness by being a living love-example. Every moment offers an opportunity to serve in some way, even if simply by being an example of unconditional love through your words, thoughts and actions. By doing so, you inspire others to do the same.

Be compassionate

Live with compassion and tolerance for all individuals and paths, even if you do not choose them for yourself. Understand that all paths eventually lead one back to their Source, no matter how they appear to our physical eyes.

Take time to be still

Give your mind and body a rest. Meditation not only relieves stress and creates balance, but in moments of silence you are more likely to perceive the messages of Spirit. A simple way to get started is to sit or lie down in a peaceful place and focus on your breathing. What can result is a greater sense of well-being, feelings of love and serenity, new insights, a solution to a problem, etc.

Be here now

Be willing to focus more on the present moment and relinquish attachment to the past or future. When you focus on what’s happening right here and now your creative energy is more fully available to handle every situation with love, clarity and personal power.

Take responsibility

Shift from any tendency towards a victim mentality into personal responsibility for each and every moment of your life. Know that all the experiences you have attracted into your life are purposeful and have the potential for positive meaning and growth.

Consider forgiveness

If there is anyone from your past that you are angry with, consider forgiveness. Anger drain’s one’s energy–it’s a lower, heavier frequency. Forgiveness is for your own benefit. It does not mean you condone the negative acts of another–it simply frees you to get on with your life in a way that is loving and unencumbered by past hurts.

Stay peaceful

Maintain serenity and a sense of balance in the face of the negative illusions within physical reality, including the presence of suffering. Realize that underlying all aspects of the physical world are the essence of love and the presence of peace. Even behind suffering is a Divine plan.

Let love lead you

Be willing to allow your heart intelligence to be your guide, and surrender the human mind to the heart-mind.

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I’ve been practicing my rudimentary Rosemaling painting on paper until I get good enough to put it on the wooden plate that awaits it. It is a good thing I have a friend, Jan, to mentor me. I take up a lot of her painting time but she generously and patiently guides me along the way. The illustration for this post is just a canvas of many colors taken from the internet, not an example of Rosemaling.

So I guess I am thinking today about all the individual strokes it takes to make a beautiful canvas. Like living life, one stroke at a time over a period of time….some strokes of paint producing inner happiness, others a slight sway in the wrong direction, tone, or smudge, that leave one less than satisfied.

In Rosemaling, my leaders have shown me, they have an answer for that! It is the common q-tip, and “spit”.  “We spit!” they said and smiled at me. At first I thought they seemed like a fairly “ladylike” group and a bit of surprise came over me to think that they satisfied their displeasure with an act of common spitting.

But they showed me that they can easily erase what they don’t like in their painted image by applying spit to the end of a q-tip and rubbing the offending stroke off their masterpiece,and then reapply one they approve of.

That’s pretty good technique, I think. I wonder does it apply to life?

I have a little pocket size meditation book I picked up on Mackinac Island two summers ago. The next year, I when I stopped in the store, I mentioned to the bookstore owner I was very glad to see a copy of this book on her shelf. And there was still a copy of it there then.

She told me that the previous  owner of the store had let her know that it was a very important book to him and that he always wanted it in stock for the hand that would be guided to it. Mine was.

In Always We Begin Again, The Benedictine Way of Living, author John McQuiston II, an attorney with a busy commercial practice, went searching for a truly balanced way of life and he found the blueprint for it in a sixth-century text.

After discovering St. Benedict’s Rule, he interpreted and restated the ancient system of spiritual living helping the modern reader to understand and make use of its remarkable insights.

Benedictine monastery life has a spiritual pace to it throughout the day. Daily chores are mixed in with prayer and liturgy throughout the day and nighttime hours. Secular people, in increasing amounts, have come to value the discipline of this “pace” in their own lives for balance, peace, and fullness of spirit in their days.

It is not based on a monetary value. “Time is our ultimate currency; we must be careful how we spend it,” says McQuiston II.

The easy reading of any section of this book proves life, really, is not all that complicated….at least a happy, fulfilled life is not.

The first rule is simply this:

“Live this life
and do whatever is done
in a spirit of Thanksgiving….
and come to a comfortable rest
in the certainty that those who
participate in this life
with an attitude of Thanksgiving
will receive its full promise.”

In the chapter, Each Day, he tells us at the beginning of each day when we open our eyes and take in the light of that day, we need to remember to treat each hour as the rarest of gifts and to be grateful

“for the consciousness
that allows us to experience it
recalling in thanks
that our awareness is a present
from we know not where,
or how, or why.”

Then follow, four lines that truly serve as either a challenge or a fine meditation in themselves:

“When we rise from sleep, let us rise for the joy
of the true Work that we will be about
this day,
and considerately cheer one another on.”

If that were my set intention for this day and each day when my feet hit the floor, I surely have a better chance of having a good day.  He reminds us in his poetic verse that every day has the potential to bring us the experience of heaven and that we can have the courage to expect good from it.

“Be gentle with this life
and use the light of life
to live fully in your time.”

So many publications lure the reader into their latest efforts with marketing that boasts of learning, at last THE Secret, withheld up until now. This author issues no secrets, but in his chapter on Paramount Goals, I think he touches upon some things many of us don’t know and would be better off, if we did truly realize the truth in what he states:

He says it is not important that we should find the ultimate truth, nor become secure, nor have ease, nor that we should be without hurt, (all of those things have been on “my want” list at some time in my life).

No, he says what is wanted is that we should “live fully.”

“Therefore we should not fear life,
nor anything in life,
we should not fear death,
nor anything in death,
we should live our lives,
in love with life.

….and when we fail,
to begin again each day.”

To live the life that only we can life, he sums up, as doing good for others. And when we have done good, we will have life abundantly.  We must credit the good that we do to the hidden foundation of good and be grateful to serve as its medium. (in this I read St. Paul’s admonition not to becoming clanging gongs in the boastful wind of pride).

John McQuiston II writes at the end of his chapter on Good Works:

“Each good action we perform is like a blow from a sculptor’s chisel, cutting away the dross, and shaping the ideal form hidden within the stone. Each step we take away from a dependence on material possessions is like a day of training for an athlete, strengthening ourselves into the fit and healthy persons we were designed to be.

None of his chapters are long and full of numerous words and long paragraphs. His book is neither big, nor cumbersome. His book a small, pocket size group of pages with short, concise messages of ancient wisdom. His small-look-hard-to-even-find-it book rightfully serves as an avatar for his message: Life, your one life, is lived in the small, but repeated good deeds that take up the moments of your life.

It is the small daily brush strokes that create the painting, no matter how large the canvas.”

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Be Good To Our Earth

I just left the “session room” at the Be Good To Our Earth website and finished a wonderful earth (and its people, creatures, and plant, land, and water life)  healing meditation. With Earth Day 2012 coming upon us soon, this website might make a nice visit for you to make.

At this site, each month has a different leader in meditation but they all focus on goodness and peace, harmony and health for us and our one united  “motherland” of the Earth.

This month’s featured meditation leader is Master Chunyi Linn, founder of Spring Forest Qigong practice and healing.  His meditation is  a great experience for each person personally and for the Earth in the global sense that at any time during this month, there are many people around the world joining in this meditation at the same time you are.


 Join others around the world to be good to our earth.

If this is something you feel called to do on a regular basis, you can register at the site and receive reminders when a new meditation is about to begin.

Someone interested in doing this as a part of their spiritual practice might have intentions such as the following:

At least once each month,
I will focus my intention on global care

I would  truly like to:

  • shift global consciousness to cooperation and enduring peace…
  • help us all live in harmony with nature…
  • provide energetic support to those in need, afraid, lonely, challenged…
  • hold your own inner life steady so you can be an infallible rudder for your family and communities…

Yes, you can make a difference, and  this website is here to support you. Now is the time to join all of our hearts and intentions toward the planet and all of the creatures living here with us.

Once you register above, you will receive an email each month when the new meditation is ready for you. Your new meditation guide will be revealed to you in the email.

Then simply come to this website, www.BeGoodToOurEarth.org, and click the “Enter the Global Care room” at the top right.

When you are ready go into the “Session Room” where you can listen to the meditation—whenever you would like during the month. You’ll see a globe in 3-D pinpointing everyone who is doing the meditation with you. One day you might be by yourself. Another day with a dozen people. And someday with hundreds or thousands of people…all helping to bring truth, beauty, freedom, and love to everyone on Earth.

I matter. I have an impact.
I will help with the care of our planet.

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Happy Easter


A great time of the year to refresh the blossoms of ourselves.


Choose forgiveness always.


Never let the light go out.


Remember we have a responsibility to our Earth and its people.


Enjoy the now.


Remember what’s sacred and you write the holy of your life.


….and give your gift to the world!


Happy Easter. Life is made new.


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Morning Glory

In this season of Easter, I repost a poem I wrote many years ago.

Easter Glory and Blessings to all.


  Morning Glory

Susan H. Hajec

The breath of dawn gives birth
to the day reflecting the lavish expression
and perfect personality of God.

Kisses of dew drops hug
the trillium carpets which bloom
in the hills, hollows and valleys
of God’s precious fields.

Migrating birds, a mantle of lace, float
with romantic grace across the ridges and valleys.
Jubilant fields awaken and jump for joy
as the rising sun tiptoes above the horizon.

My heart beckons me into this bountiful orchard
and amidst sparkling streams and waterfalls
I find the radiant beauty of your Presence.
My thankful voice forms a garden arch of praise
and I sing of your Glory.

For the crisp air of this Heaven on earth
speaks sacred sounds of sun-filled serenity.
And in these meadows and hollows,
I find you, my God,
and I celebrate this precious moment.

Yes, you are here in the blossoming vistas of grandeur
and today, in the mountain laurel
and whispering wildflowers, I realize
I am one with all good.

Then silently, in the solitude of evening
I rest and am made comfortable
knowing that You, who are in all,
over all and through all,
in this garden of glory
are the keeper of my soul.

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