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There’s just something about Jan and a Milkshake!

Well, it is time to check in with Jan Phillips, visionary creator, artist, speaker, and all around beautiful, SOULFUL WOMAN! I’ve been thinking of her since I am taking notes on Barbara Marx Hubbard’s  book, Birth 2012 and Beyond — the notes coming from the interview done by Jan in the first part of the book.

It seems Hubbard got stuck on what she wanted to say — and she has a lot to say — and then a visit from Jan created a SYNERGISTIC explosion which formed the first part of her book.

Well, who would have doubted that would happen, given the pioneering souls of these creative and thoughtful women! Not me.

Here is a note from Jan’s May 1 Museletter:

From Jan Phillips May 1 Museletter

                  It is blasphemous for any of us to say ‘I am not creative.’
All we do is create. We have desires and we create experiences
from our desires. We have experiences and we create stories
about those experiences. We hear the stories of others, and
we are moved to tell our own.

                We wake up every day to an empty canvas of twenty-four
hours and every night we go to bed having created our
masterpiece for the day. We can do this consciously or
unconsciously, but we all do it nevertheless. And the ones
who are conscious of it are the ones most actively engaged
in the work of evolution, of unification, of ongoing cosmic

So not only have I been thinking about Jan, but I got to feeling her presence, as I slipped her All the Way to Heaven CD into my player and gave myself over to the wonderful melodies and even more wondrous words other songs which create a great melodic, lyrical time-out meditation.

I am one who believes every woman should buy herself a Mother’s Day Gift for the very gift of being feminine is the gift of creatively giving birth. You can buy this CD (I’ve had mine for about 20 years now) at Jan’s website:

  http://janphillips.com/cds.html  This CD is available at this website and I heartily recommend it as a gift to yourself.

“All the way to heaven is heaven” said  Catherine of Siena. And all the way through this CD is all the way to heaven says Napkinwriter.

I am going to give you just a short sampling of the words to the songs on the CD. Keep in mind that some of these words she wrote some time ago were not ideas collectively agreed upon as you might find today…….I see them in the evolutionary path of forming our reality, for much of this is being spoken about now.

These words engage our imaginations and our souls and our eternal hope always of the divine moment of NOW, the confidence of something supportive, grander, larger than we see in  our own selves and yet they actually describe the “bigness” and sacredness and divine-ness of our very self that comes into view as we deepen our prayer practices and spirituality.

From the CD, written and recorded by Jan (partial lyrics of several songs):

 “The God that you’re seeking needs not to be sought
you’re already one like the sea and the salt
the Source is within you, the force is at hand
it’s been in your soul since your life began.”

“Each soul I’ve created
contains all the heavens
I am there in your midst
Look around you, you’ll see.”

“You are my spirit and I call on you
to help me remember what I know…
You are the the flame that lights the path I walk
the guide whose hand I need to lead me home.
I am the one whose hand is in your hand
I will lead you down whatever path you choose.
I am your guardian, I’m your dearest friend
I’m your deepest intuition, I’m your muse.”

“Sometimes I feel like a child again,
sometimes I feel so old–
there’s days when doubt gets the best of me,
days when I’m fearless and bold.
but I’m open for the learning
try to keep my candle burning
it’s not as easy or hard as I’ve been told.”

Jan says the reason for making the CD is because “the joy is in the sharing.” Because this is what we do as creators.We shape our thoughts and experiences into forms that can be of use.

And she travels world-wide, and even inspires already inspired leaders and visionaries like Hubbard with her Truth that these creative endeavors are only useful when we put them out into the world.

Jan’s gift to us is that she is always asking for us to put our gift into the world — which is the Shift Barbara Marx Hubbard is looking for to birth Earth 2012 and beyond.

(from Jan:)
“So rejoice, my child, in the gifts that you have–
the light of the world is the torch in your hand
and when you get beyond your fear and your pain,
you’ll see God in the being who goes
by your name.”

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