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Walk in Beauty

Walk in beauty.
Dream and be inspired by beauty.
Give pause and shape life anew.
Notice the seemingly impossible
Trying to be born within you.

I just love beautiful people starting beautiful things, and it looks to me from the website above that the Inn at the Rustic Gate up north in Big Rapids, Michigan is one of those beautiful things.

Jan Phillips will be giving a weekend workshop there June 1-3 and along with her workshop, the surroundings and accomodations look sublime to me.

One of our daughters graduated Ferris State University and Optometry School there so we  have spent some amount of time in Big Rapids. This Inn was not there at that time.


“Since January 2004, The Inn at the Rustic Gate has embraced the peaceful surroundings of a former dairy farm in Big Rapids just north of Grand Rapids while introducing amenities with an emphasis on inner well being.

Integral to the Inn’s focus on introspection is its natural surroundings. The main draw is the beautiful landscape. The rolling meadows and woodlands provide ample room for thoughtful walks while a pond and lake are available to persons more inspired by calming waters.

The Inn at the Rustic Gate staff and facilities exist to positively affect the quality of your days both during the time you spend with us and after you return home. It is our intention to create a transformational space, to provide a place of welcome and calm that will allow you to temporarily step back from the demands of your everyday life. Each day we take in aspects of the world around us. On our best days we participate in a new creation by giving back to the world something of the truest aspects of ourselves.”The Rustic Gate


A pleasant perch

The Inn at the Rustic Gate is a place of welcome and calm for every season. We invite our guests to take a step back from their every day lives, to return to nature, to peace and quiet, and to get in touch once again with what feeds their soul.

I’m glad I can add it to places I now know about.  It seems there is always something trying to be born within me.


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