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This past week, I have attended two funerals. In both, family-life was highly honored. But it is the second one, that I am still arguing with the wisdom of Ecclesiastes about the timing…of everything.

The first funeral was the passing of my high school best friend’s mother at the age of 95. I was lucky when my parents moved our family of five from a small town in Illinois to Lansing,  the capital city of Michigan.

The move came in the summer after I completed elementary school eighth grade, so I was about to enter high school as a freshman, eager to meet new friends. My older brother had left some of his high school buddies behind, so it was a little harder for him.

Diane became my first friend in ninth grade. Of Italian heritage, she generously shared her friendship and family with me. They were well-known in town for their extremely popular Italian fine-eating restaurant, “Maria’s.”

Her mom helped  establish it as a success, while raising two energetic daughters at home. After her father’s somewhat early death of a heart attack, she continued to surround her family with love and necessities of life, and saw each of her daughters through their college educations and they both had long, successful careers in education.

Mary, later on, moved to the east coast to be near her daughters and continue family life with her children and grandchildren. A full and happy life filled with a tremendous zest for living and love shared all around.

Her daughter, Diane, shared the full story of this at her funeral service, where her mother was returned to Lansing to lie next to her husband.  We, who attended the service, could feel the gratitude for such a rich  and long life lived creatively for probably about as many years as most of us could hope for. I was happy to be there with Diane, and the loss, I understand, will still be enormous, no matter the number of years shared.

Yesterday, time was cut short for the 34 year old adult-daughter of a mother and father who are part of our Christ Circle Monday night prayer group. She also was a  single-parent of soon-to-be teen daughter and son.

Death came unexpectedly and mysteriously to a vibrant woman, who lived fully and had big goals, soon to be accomplished with life laying open beyond. It all changed in a flash and being in the group of family, friends, and ministers of her life, I felt weak in the midst of this gigantic loss.

I have felt the need to be quiet, to search for acceptance in faith, to re-balance the cells and emotions of my body. Her mother, my prayer group friend, responded to the only thing I knew to say, “that my love will continue to pour down upon her and her husband.” She said she could feel that love. That would have to be a miracle because it is the only thing I have to give now, and it seems so little…..

Keeping Time

There may be a time for weeping
but today I would argue with Ecclesiastes.
I would have placed this weeping
much farther in the future
on this family’s calendar
had I been the one creating the calendar.

Jesus wept.
Did the Budda weep?
I Am weeping.

A family, in loss, is my Teacher now.
I watch and listen and learn.
I hold them in my love.

The clock strikes new moments of time.
The road looks threateningly long.
Time and Distance…..
Neither of them real anymore.

No one got to set
this grief-stricken date on the calendar.
How could one choose The Time
for pre-teens to lose a mother,
young parents to lose a young-adult daughter
siblings to lose a vibrant, lively, healthy sister
friends to lose “their person” friend?

Quietly, in her sleep, she left.
Questions, unanswered.
Good-byes unspoken.

No one would choose that date.

She was in her time of living, not dying.
She was in her time of seeding a son and daughter
who were growing strong through her motherhood.

She was in her time of lifting up,
enhancing her path of possibilities and purpose
in life by working and studying
to bring forth her law degree.

Her mother, who delighted in the pleasure
and treasures of gardening,
had taught her well the toil
of the soil, applied to
other worthy goals in life.

The green she was growing would
soon produce fruit
in a future legal career.
The time she was approaching
was the time for this success.

Such tender seeds about to ripen….
The harvest was not yet begun,
indeed, it was far-off.

The time of reaping was what
was anticipated,
longed for, deserved, and
would be highly celebrated
for its joyous promise.

Yet, we have been told
no one knows
the day nor the hour.

And, instead, came the time for weeping.
Calendars and clocks no more.

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I am very excited about an email I just received. It is from one of the evolutionary leaders involved in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s  “The Shift & Birth 2012 & Beyond” course I am taking. This person presented how important AND powerful it is to simply tell our own story and “get it out there” — to mix with others in the whole wide world and place ourselves here at this time in this place as part of our purpose and passion.

She was backing Barbara’s insistence to unite our personal story with the whole grand and sacred story of the 14.5 billion year old story of creation, appreciate the grandness of our own true essence and recognize and then live our story of purpose and intentionality for the good of all.

Here were two important leaders talking about the POWER of personal story — on the call in session, I could not refrain,  from telling a bit of my experience with encouraging and helping people write their stories for I know a few things about this and I am PASSIONATE about the purpose of telling story.

That was what happened in my workshops of the 1990s, entitled “Write NOW!  The real purpose of these workshops was not to “make” someone “into” a writer, but to have a person experience the feeling of automatic writing coming from their heart. I guided the class with theme, poetry, movement, sharing, and above all “quiet time” and then the writing proceeded.

Over the course of several years, this always produced amazing and personal results for the participants — something very meaningful for them to take home with them; either a new commitment to employ writing in their life as a spiritual tool of self-revelation and guidance; the intent to add more quiet time to their life; a deeper love for the sense of who they were; a meaningful community sense, not only with others, but with the union of the divine within themselves, and a more likely possibility that they may continue to seek that out.

All of those things probably continued to happen in some form, not only on paper for them, but in their daily lives as they lived them and that was the important thing.

I’ve been busy forming some new workshops. I hope to find homes for them this fall as a central part of a purpose that has emerged as important in my life. Within the next week, I intend to start talking to those who might host them and also form small groups within my own home on a regular basis.

So, here is an inquiry to me that will unfold its possibility within the near future. Something new coming into being. Getting to this point has seemed to me to be a slow and gradual conscious partnership of study, prayer, journaling, and creative exploration with God and my inner voice and intuitive self.

I’ve made life covenants, and live according to them. I’ve created intention mandalas, which seem to keep me on a course where I feel my joy and excitement. And I continue to live life as it presents itself to me. Yet I am not really certain where all of this is heading. But two of the paths I remain on are the roads of Passion and Purpose. I live daily life, freely giving where I can the gifts of love, healing and the sense of Possibility, in a hectic world that would like to take any of us down lots of other roads.

Trusting God as my Source seems to be a simple but completely effective plan for living. It removes negative dependence and anxiety from my life, as I continue to affirm that God’s Provision is alive in my life. My job is to listen for how this provision comes and what is my part to do in it.

Teaching, in some way, has always been some part of this provision.And I’ve done it in a variety of ways all through my life.  I just reviewed a few of my materials and handouts for WriteNow! and the topic of possibility catches my attention.

I believe these words come from a Unity writing source but it talks about us knowing that we are allowed to “catch the bus”!

Chasing the bus may include clearing away the wreckage of our negative patterning (This is called Repatterning in our Shift Course), clarifying the vision of what it is we really want and are  (vocational arousal and Emergence are Hubbard’s  terms today for that) and learning to accept small pieces of that vision from whatever souce it identifies itself.

Then presto, one day, the vision seems to suddenly be in place.

In other words, run as fast as you can and pray to catch the bus! Be “causal” and put into action and bring forth that “which seems to want to be born through you into this world.” (again, more Shift course material.)

The key is, for any of this to happen, first of all, we must believe that we are allowed to catch the bus. We come to recognize that God is unlimited in supply and that everyone has equal access.

Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually.” Eileen Caddy

These expectations and patience have kept the possibility alive for me that I will once again serve people through some new WriteNow! programs and I am excited and grateful for that.

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Great art appeals to the senses. You know — what the eye can see, the heart can long for, the ear can hear.  But, oh, what the nose can smell and the mouth can taste! The cookies of my niece, Katie appeal to them all. (Not sure where the ear fits in unless it may be the tip off, “mom’s batch of cookies are ready!”

Kookies by Katie G can be found on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kookies-by-Katie-G/290777210933783

She has taken her immense talent in art to her kitchen. After painting many images that are now wall hangings in doctor and business offices, she has switched mediums to flour, sugar, frostings and designs that delight the imagination.

By the variety of selections and special orders coming in, it looks like her productions are pretty hefty in number also. And why not? Even if you can’t taste them here, just enjoy the delightful designs and imagination of this artist:

Katie met my nephew, Jeff, when they were both students at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

I remember one time that Jeff confided in me, it was pretty soon after meeting Katie that he knew she was THE one.  And sure enough, soon after the college diplomas were earned, Jeff and Katie were married.

There are many people today who are insisting that  we are going to make a real difference in this world by living and giving the truest gifts we have within us. While Katie has this beautiful gift of artistry in her, I believe the greatest gift they give to each other and the world is the love they give and live with each other.

They are a family encircled in being and doing family things. While Katie must be quite busy in the kitchen, Jeff is on his own Facebook page touting some event in his life with his children. They have one beautiful daughter , Megan, and two terrific sons, Jimmy and Nathan.  Perhaps, they are the inspiration of some of Katie’s creativity, like…snow cookies.

daddy and snowangels

Jeff is a marketing professional in his work life and works from his office in his home. So when he is not on the road, he gets fringe benefits of being asked every once in awhile to be a taste tester. What a bother, right! He’s also not far from the ball field he is on often with his children.

Hitter at Bat

Well, I’ve left Katie in the kitchen for awhile now, so  we better go back and see what she’s been up to.

Corporate Orders and Logos

Ladies Night Out

Religious Celebration

There’s a Cake!

Holidays, School Days, and Birthday Parties

Next to last, a Princess Cake my granddaughter would love!

And then comes………

CHRISTMAS! Can you just imagine?

I would guess Santa really looks forward to this stop on his Christmas Route. Family Life is sweet and happy the way they are living it. May the blessings continue.

Katie your artistic gift is A M A Z I N G……keep on giving. Jeff, I enjoy the joy you share of your family life. Happy Father’s Day.

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Family Men

To my father, Anthony and Tom’s father, Stanley, may the Lord, indeed, bless and keep you.

Men of faith, strong inner conviction, expressed in quiet ways and not-so-quiet.

Men of commitment, first of all to God, and a close second to family – and family values.

Men who found their joy in the daily routines of home, work, recreation, and their children and grandchildren.

My father loved fishing and it was probably his favorite thing to do, even if it was not a real frequent event.

Tom’s father loved music, playing it, dancing to it, enjoying his granddaughters’ musical talents galore.

The fulfillment of both these men’s lives was the love they had for their wife and living life as a family man.

We love them for that.

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I haven’t really stopped asking the books and the stars! My frequent deliveries from Amazon.com would attest to that. And why NOT ask questions of the stars! My latest understanding is that I am made of the same stuff as they; that I have atoms and molecules as ancient as they are in my body, from that far back in Evolution.

So I have ancient wisdom to gain from them if I put myself and my story of “Destination – Earth” into the whole great big story of the Universe. I have come to love the perspective and miracle of seeing myself in the context of all that has gone before me. And then pondering what has come to me and through me, as gifts and new family members to not only me, but our planet.

So many of the things I am reading are saying things are speeding up in this year of 2012, cumulatively more discoveries in science and medicine and all fields of study are coming at a faster rate, and these new learnings are going to impact the human race in ways unseen before.

Something else we don’t need to increase or come any faster is doing so anyway — and that is the amount of actions, beliefs, and happenings in our everyday life that case —- more STRESS.

Doctors and science have now noted in professional writings that as much as 90% of the reasons people show up in the doctor office can be attributed to a major stress in the person’s life; the illness or pain they are suffering IS one of the stressors but….

Most likely there are others in the background. They all relate to disharmony in the spiritual, physical or emotional life of the person. Some of these stresses seem unavoidable, like accidents and instant change not seen coming. Others are actually quite rooted by our own individual choices and lifestyles — choices we are either willing or unwilling to make toward the positive.

Some people pooh-hooh the abundant self-help books and workshops that are out there that others spend and “invest” a good deal of money attempting to SHIFT from something undesirable in their life to something that resonates with peace and harmony. It is a goal, that if it exists, they feel is worthy putting effort into trying to achieve.

I am one of those people and I have read, read, read…..applied, applied, applied,…..and in instances denied, denied, denied,……and then regrouped, reviewed and released what no longer served me or my happiness.

What I seem to have found in my travels is a common Truth that eventually people you go to to teach you actually tell you that you, yourself, have the Teaching and the Truth within you. The first time that occurs to you, it is quite a “stop-short” moment.

I have even heard a priest say that in church. “You cannot come here to satisfy your relationship with God on one day of the week.” A relationship with God takes practice everyday of the week.  Other human leadership and spiritual masters seem to be going the same way.  We are self-healers and in the correct environment, and unafraid of this innate power within each of us, we have the ultimate stress-busters within ourselves to use at every moment appropriate from innumerable practices and teachings we could follow.

To name just a few I’ve incorporated….Reiki, from the Japanese tradition of spiritual/physical healing…I can treat self and others with the light touch of my hands and my healing intention. Reiki brings balance and healing to body, mind and spirit. It accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. I have gotten increasingly healthy over the past four years according to my private doctor and specialists, and I credit the influence and power of Reiki for this.

In actuality, I have come into great balance and perfection of blood analysis, blood pressure control and general aging developments. I feel invigorated and massively grateful that my earlier health challenges have receded and not impeded the joy of the day.

The results of Reiki cannot be predicted but the presence of its healing power is pretty evident to me. It is the power of Universal Life Force and it acts in support of the body, opening the mind and spirit to release toxins and eliminate disease, disharmony and pain. It works in conjunction with traditional medicines, and for me it has assisted in the disappearance of a brain tumor without surgery, and a very full recovery from cardiac heart disease.  It has helped me release pain and correct problems I have not had to make a doctor call for, but I do that very carefully and when in doubt, will add the doctor visit if necessary.

While I don’t think I actually control disease, illness or pain with the practice of Energy medicines and other stress relief techniques, I do feel I influence the extent to which they cause ravage to me physically and emotionally.

I am also learning Springforest Qigong healing from Korean Master Chunyi Linn. He says we are all natural healers. I believe that now more than I ever have. Besides good nutrition and moderate physical exercise, we can do other practices which, yes, relieve stress, but in reality make real physical changes within us also. Linn says illness in the body is really “misinformation” in the body cells that must be removed.

He has a series of easy movement exercises, based on breath, and moving the “chi” through the body energy systems, combined with simple short meditations. He sees us as one with the Universe and all that is.

I am beginning to learn this and desire to teach it to the elderly to enable them to dissolve some of the natural aches and pains that come about with old age. The elderly are often isolated or without frequent care, so why not give them the knowledge and ability so that they can always call upon their own healing powers.

With dementia on the rise, the need for increased numbers of caregivers arises too. Often, these caregivers come reluctantly but necessarily from within the family, itself, and many are ill-prepared for the strength and emotional stability they will need. Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)  is another technique, that I don’t know how, but I do know it works to relieve symptoms, anxiety, and negative self-blame chatter from affecting you deeply within.

If I wanted to say to you, “Let me show you a wild and crazy thing that will take the edge off your headache or make it disappear altogether,” I’d be showing you how to do EFT on yourself.

Heart Coherence is starting to show up in the general media now, but it is already documented by the scientific world, the medical world and the people at the helm the Institute of Heart Math.  Heart Coherence, within yourself, is more than a steady heart beat. It is a pattern of vibrational resonance within yourself and your surrounding environment. It brings about a state of balance and peace within your body and influences the setting you are in (or even sending by intention out into some suffering part of the world).

If you are not the OM sitting type, this is something you can do for yourself in the presence of others without them even knowing you are doing it. You are breathing through your heart and your heart-brain knows it and improves everything  for you having done it!  If you are not the “praying type”, you can start off your day in Hearth Coherence while you brusha-brusha-brusha your teeth, and along with your Wheaties, you are set for one fine day!

All these self-healing methods require that you DO remember to PRACTICE them. But I like the benefits of being proactive with them rather than waiting for the result of an exam when I know I haven’t been regular with good oral hygiene, for example. I may get lucky and skimp by, OR I may be stuck with some oral dentitstry that could have been avoided if I had just stuck with a good routine.

I’m not great on the discipline pattern of life; I do go a lot by intuition and/or making myself do something I know is good for me. And I’m not sure what all the changes are about in 2012 or what the “newness” that is coming will look like. I do think we are in a large pattern of change. Things are not going back to what they were. Our world is on its way to being quite different than we are conceiving it to be.

I think part of that will be an increased willingness and desire to bring more of the Energy Healing and Complimentary health practices into our natural way of life for larger numbers of both the people and the medical profession. And I think the biggest new partnerships are going to rise between the brain and the heart specialities (already there is a new neuroheart speciality) and we will make incredible strides in lessening the amount of heart disease and stroke in the world. I’d like to be here to see the scale tip in that direction.

I can help you start in yourself, anytime you are ready. I am ready.

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Venus at Sunrise - David Cortner

This Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live, sky-watchers around the world were able to see a cosmic spectacle known as a transit of Venus. The events are so rare that only six Venus transits have been observed since the invention of the telescope more than 400 years ago.

Transits happen when a planet crosses between Earth and the sun. Only Mercury and Venus, which are closer to the sun than Earth, can undergo this unusual alignment.

The last Venus transit was in 2004—above, the planet glides across the rising sun in a picture taken during the event from the North Carolina coastline. After 2012, we won’t see another transit of Venus until 2117.

I am not an astronomer  nor have I studied astronomy but I have done a lot of thinking lately about our Mother Earth as a beautiful creation of the cosmos.   Recently I came upon some photos taken from space and I share them with you to help you get the “perspective” of our “relative position” in life.

Rather than from the ground up, image us looking at ourselves from a space satellite or an inhabitant of the Space Station looking in on our daily activities.

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: Antarctic Matusevich Glacier

Iceberg Nursery

Photograph courtesy EO-1/NASA and NASA Earth Observatory

In a 2010 satellite picture, the Matusevich Glacier calves new icebergs into an Antarctic channel, which cuts between the Lazarev Mountains and the Wilson Hills.

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: the Tifernine Dune Field

Desert’s End

Photograph courtesy NASA via NASA Earth Observatory

In Eastern Algeria’s stretch of the Sahara, the Tifernine Dune Field—a section of the Grand Erg Oriental dune sea (see map)—meets the Tinrhert Plateau, as seen in a 2008 astronaut photograph.

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: cloud vortices

Cloud Vortices

Photograph courtesy Terra/MODIS/NASA

Cloud vortices, or von Kármán vortices, create patterns in the sky near the Cape Verde Islands off northwestern Africa (see map). The vortices are caused by wind rushing over the islands. (Pictures: “New Cloud Type Discovered?”)

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

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Agents of Conscious Evolution Wheel of Co-creation Barbara Marx Hubbard


From the gifts of Jan Phillips

Thoughts and Learnings of Jan Phillips, discussions with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jean Houston.


Is there something “else” our own life is calling us to?  Let’s listen. Let’s see. Let’s do.

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