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This is what I posted on the community board for MY STORY

Believe in a diet, don’t believe in a diet, believe in a diet, don’t believe in a diet (repeat this numerous times over 50 years; accept myself, criticize body, accept my body, criticize myself; study nutrition, learn healthy ways to eat food I like; watch others, study self; come to terms with what food is in my life; experience a long time with healthy eating without a weight loss; then experience a long time of healthy eating without a weight gain; then experience long times of trying to healthily lose weight, and have weight loss be resistant to my efforts; settle, not settle; settle, not settle many times over; find some comfort and love and appreciation for all the great things my body does for me besides house my soul; some of the great things have been to heal from serious disease, gave birth to two beautiful, healthy daughters; be grateful for my body; I Am grateful for my body; I now want to feed my body in a way that tastes and feels right for me and I am giving Atkins a try.

I also posted this stock photo on my facebook page today because this refrigerator looks a lot like mine — everything stacked and “balanced.”  And Tom wonders why there is MORE food in the refrigerator when I am ON a diet than when I am not on one.

It’s a mystery. Sometimes he wonders whether he should approach his dinner plate with a fork or a lawnmower, there is so much green stuff on it.

and on we go, tomorrow’s another day.

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