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“A cosmic perspective gives us a new sense of oneness and belonging, and an experience of wonder at the vastness of the development path we are on.” Barbara Marx Hubbard – Birth 2012 and Beyond

One thing that has surely changed since I studied Barbara’s Course of Birth 2012 is my perspective of being and living on our Mother Earth.

I feel a little like my four  year old granddaughter. She was very excited to tell me about her teaching assistant bringing in a globe one day to their preschool class. She wanted to tell me that we lived on a round ball called Earth. “Grandma, it spins around the sun that is in the center of our galax-cy,” finding the new word hard to say.” And she added that there were other planets that went in a circle around the sun in this place called a galaxy.

We went to my globe together and she could name all of the continents, and she could pinpoint just about where Michigan was on the North American continent.

I, too, now feel a renewed little child’s excitement about living on Earth. It has been my home, my Mothership, for almost seventy years.

How do we ever become blase’ about this miracle of creation, the evolution of what was; how  out of  no-thing, came some-thing, – all that ever was, is and will be – and that waaaaaaaaaay down the time line 7.5 billion years later, I am part of that some-thing.

A combination of faith and science, and leader experts in all fields of endeavor give us scads of information and inspiration about the facts of life in our Universe, yet many times in the past I’ve given into thinking of ordinary days.

There are no ordinary days!  Not now. Not when I contemplate any small facet of the offered materials in the Birth 2012 course.

Now, when I put my feet on the bedroom floor and pull myself up for the day, I am no longer on a linear plane thinking of the linear day ahead. I see and experience myself as a part of all-creation, stepping into my day, here on Earth…….a rounded sphere hurling through space.

I am not an astronaut, but there were none, who did not try to explain the awesome feeling of looking back on this planet when they did see it from space.  I bring some sense of what they experienced in space to my day, now.

It changes things for me.

There is a an increasing love and acknowledgment of Mother Earth growing within me. In turn, it keeps increasing my love for our fellow “earthlings.” Regardless of our problems, and we certainly have them, there is a new longing withing me to help our Earth more before the time comes when I am no longer ON it.

I live in a pretty small hub of the world these days, mostly home and family centered. This is still enormously important to me, that I can continue to give gifts of service and love that matter in this small area.

And I am grateful for and love the fact that I have been given a renewed view of the world — the same one of wonder that my granddaughter has. To lose wonder is to lose hope.

And like Louie Armstrong croons in one of my favorite workshop resources, “….and I say to myself, ‘What a WONDER-FUL World.’ “

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