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I am going to write a blog later today about the gifts we give that have something to do with green. In the meantime, enjoy a guest blog from the Sacred Cave at the website below.

Where we walk is truly  miracle. Have a great day miracle-walking.

The Miracle of Today

4 06 2012

People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle.  But I think the real miracle is not to walk on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle – Thich Nhat Hanh


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Yesterday, God sang to me. This is exactly how it happened.

I’ve been getting a lot of signs and messages lately to be aware of and increase my joy in daily living. And I have to say, with a rather simple lifestyle, that wondrous quality of joy is, indeed, showing up more as a regular resident of my day. I am quite grateful for that.

To lose one’s sense of joy is quite sad and I have walked days on the Earth with at least a greatly diminished capacity for joy. Being in fear is one of joy’s first evictors.

Here is how one of my signs arrived. I pulled Matthew Fox’s book, “Creativity” off the shelf for some randomly selected reading of his wondrous text. I opened the book to page 169, where I read the heading on the page: “Open Oneself to Joy.” These syncroniscities happen to me all the time as I guide my life more through my intuitive self.

Before I read that page though I had poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and sat out on my deck as the sun was slipping down toward the horizon. Michigan weather, after a dry torrid spell, had recreated itself into a pleasant, blue-sky sunny light breezy environment. I felt joy in the soft sensations on my skin, the sights and sounds of the fair breeze wind in the trees, the white fluff in the richly colored blue sky and the bird flight patterns and happy chirping sounds of their songs in the backyard.

I felt joyful.

Then I joined in the joy and sang a song of raise and praise to the birds. It is a song we sing for special intentions at our Monday night prayer group meetings.  This time I sang: “I praise you birds, I raise you birds, in the name of Love.” I repeated this several times over, letting my voice sift out to the trees at the end of our backyard.

Then I was quiet for several moments of enjoying the goodness of creation.

This quiet was entered into by two birds that flew a straight path from a tree limb onto the wooden deck railing exactly in front of me. They faced me directly. Then they sang a short little duet together, chirping quite exhubertantly.

Then as quickly as they came, they flew off. They didn’t even stop for a snack at the bird feeder. I was amazed….and I thanked them for their visit.

Matthew Fox says, “To know joy, we must know the heart. We must live where the heart lives. There is no other path to real joy. ”

He also believes that learning is one of the most spiritual, ecstatic, mystical and prayerful experiences available to us all. He is interested in learning the new creation story from science and cosmology.  I found out, to my own surprise, that I was too when I studied evolution and spirituality with Barbara Marx Hubbard this summer.

Fox quotes Thomas Aquinas, 13th Century Dominican theologian, that “by dwelling on creatures, the mind is inflamed to love the Divine goodness”…and that we “love and know God in the mirror of God’s creatures.”

So Fox wonders why we tend to ignore the value of creation in our lives.”Divine Wisdom first appears in the creation of things,” says Aquinas. Fox points out then, that creation becomes our doorway (direct) to Divine Wisdom.

He encourages us not to take it for granted. Not to ignore it. He says to begin to inflame the mind again to love the Divine goodness or blessing inherent in all creation.

My heart was filled last night in the experience on the patio. In fact, my heart was quite full in the silent enjoyment of creation around me before the arrival of the birds and their song.

The feeling I have about my life is that I am living from the heart. I am also paying attention to the creatures. Their presence and gift certainly inflamed me past the sense of fullness.

It was an exciting, creative moment in time.

And in return, I received a gift of God  singing through the birds!

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Linda Wilson wrote a three page summary of the reflections back on her life and emailed it to me. She is celebrating her 70th birthday and along with the joys in her life, she is also facing some rather large physical challenges for herself and her best friend.

She also sent me these gorgeous photos of her Austin flower garden surrounding her home. You can almost feel the texture and enjoy the fragrant aroma.

I shared a small part of Linda’s life when we were newly married and moved to a whole new environment in Lexington Kentucky. She lived just down the street from where we lived in our first apartment and her husband, Tom and my new husband, Tom, started to work at IBM on the same day.

Linda became my first friend in Lexington. Our first daughter became their “second” daughter and we spent backyard times together and Saturday nights playing cards and eating pizza. It was the 70s with all the crazy going’s on of that time. Amidst changing times and consciousness, the thread of our friendship became a strong cord.

Then, Linda and Tom, moved to Austin Texas with a transfer of his job at IBM. No longer did they live just down the street from us. Actually, our first apartment had been on one side of where they lived, and when we built our first home, we were just “up” the street on the other side of the Wilson’s.

The move to Austin happened to be a good move for both Tom and Linda as they renewed meaningful treasures in their own married relationship. It’s funny how a change in environment can do that. Linda wrote letters to me (no email in those days) with a refreshing sense of newness and new interests and common activities that obviously made her feel more alive and in love with life.

This all came crashing down on her when her husband suffered a severe brain aneurism in his sleep one night and did not awake in the morning. What followed was a long, torturous path of hospitals and travels and unsolved mysteries of recovery that both Tom and Linda suffered through.

Mostly Linda, though, as she had a long path as caretaker; there were no rehabs at that time and Linda was full-time in the home caregiver for a severely affected but alive patient-husband.  She was pretty-alone, and that is very understated.

Linda made her way through this and a long way down the road, it became time to find Tom’s place in a care facility. He was mobile at this time, carried conversation, made jokes, and knew he was going to his new home. He put his slippers under his bed the first night he was there and said good night to his wife and daughter. He died in his sleep in the morning.

He cut the bonds to Earth and traveled on to his new goodness.

Linda traveled on here on Earth as well. She trained and worked as Activity Director in nursing homes and was the Spirit of Life, Humor, and Good Will to many elderly. She inspired them on to form bell choirs, and perform concerts for their loved ones and the public, fully garbed in rich regale.

Finding both a good friend and fantastic piano player in James, they brought love and delight to scores of people. And then, together they taught other Activity Directors how to do this wonderful work too, by teaching at workshops across the country.

They have given much, and now both are in physical need themselves, so I know that much will be given them.  Music is Love and in Linda and James it is obvious it is all ONE AND THE SAME!

I sent the following message back to Linda this morning:

Hi Linda,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lifelong friend! You are right, Age 70 is a special milestone; Tom is living it this year; I am deciding what I want for my 70th in January and I am leaning toward a WHOLE YEAR OFF of JUST THINGS SUE WANTS TO DO.     I think that is what is going to happen; probably means a lot of reading & reflecting.

This is also very special that you put down in words your own journey in this life. I’ve printed it off so Tom can read it too.
Thank you for the grand blessing of your friendship. With each birthday, we are realizing that within this body, there is a Divine Spark of PURE LOVE that burns forever for us.

So HAVE A GREAT YEAR of feeling and knowing that Spark is a blazing, glowing reality within you asking you to only know how much you are LOVED and NEEDED in this Universe. God loves you so much that, just think, he/she CREATED YOU because the Universe was not complete in HIS (HERS) eyes until you were a part of it

So 70 year old Linda, you are supposed to know that YOU complete God’s Universe. Pretty special, HUH!!!  There are many, many people in Austin that know that is the truth of you and many people who have gone ON as Tom has that know it too. Celebrate the beauty of you.  love, sue

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Wild Geese – Mary Oliver

“The world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.”  Mary Oliver

This quote was offered by Katherine Saux RScP in the September Daily Guides in Science of Mind magazine. She was sitting on her deck on a crispy, cool early morning savoring her mug of hot coffee.

It was one of those times we have all experienced of enjoying the surrounding colors and quiet of the surroundings that lead to deep feelings of content and complete — even complacent.

Then suddenly, a flock of wild geese flying overhead broke into the sacred stillness. Yet they brought the sacred with them.

Katherine says she felt a complete shift inside in her whole body and soul. A shift of yearning and excitement to which she could not quite put words.

I am very alerted these days when I see the word shift in any context (and to my surprise I am seeing that word often). Since my study of Emergence and Birth 2012, a global shift is the result of what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls forth in each of us.

Now is the time to effect a conscious evolution into the future beyond 2012. Individually,  we can learn to emerge with the call in our hearts to work for what “wants to be created for our own good and the good of our planet”.

We, in numbers,  can gain in exciting  synergy and can effect a world-wide and cultural explosion of a conscious shift that affects the planet itself. Together, we can make a quantum leap toward goodness for human kind.

But we have to recognize the call. Katherine said, since she couldn’t give words immediately to the sense of shift within her, she let it go and simply allowed herself to feel the shift as it settled deeper within her being.

Now back to Katherine’s story, she later came across Mary Oliver’s words:

“The world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.”  Mary Oliver

Immediately, she thought, “Aha! That’s it!’ The call of the wild geese pulled her out of her complacent sense of self and reminded her of something more in our world — something more connecting. It  calls us to “spread our wings”  and to hear the soul’s yearning — to fly.

To me, this means to listen, to reflect and to respond and come forth with the calling of the heart toward “what wants to be born–created within each of us. And when I respond to this call, I am a very happy person.

It is a different call at different times: loving service to family; an extended quiet time; a busy writing time; play time and joy; rest and refueling time; exercise and  time to balance my energies. prayer time; times of simple presence to another.

My specific calls at this time are to continue my writing of Napkinwriter , to be the healer I am through my Reiki practice and Qigong, and to be present and loving in my family.

A new teaching call has also arrived as I begin to find open doors to workshops I have developed over this past year. They focus on heart coherence and writing as a tool to be able to listen and hear that Divine Voice within us that is giving us the call. That Voice will use geese if it has to.

Listening to that voice will bring us to the true home within ourselves. But it will also, like the geese, give us wings to fly!

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The sky is always a splendorous place and night time sky-gazing is an all to often forgotten treasure.  But when I do take the time to step into the night and spend a little time in the darkness, I am so richly rewarded for it.

I just saw this notice on my Facebook feed, so I am spreading the word that there will be some prime-time star-gazing and meteor spotting just ahead of us.

On Earth we have our problems. The intensity of wild-fires ravaging  our magnificent large green forests with accompanying destruction of many houses that people called homes.  That is suffering and loss that the indomitable spirit has to rebuild.

There are war-torn lands and peoples facing mass destruction, harm and death. Homes being uprooted and destroyed; children made instant orphans. We are experiencing droughts and floods throughout the world in increasing numbers, wearing our soils and waterbeds away.

In my country, there are political parties at war with each other, each trying to convince us, the Earth citizens, they have the “way out” and the right philosophy to get us headed back in the right direction — and there is no agreement on what that right direction is.

Maybe, as the skies are telling us, it is time to stand back, pause and …..look UP for a moment. Maybe our own compartmentalized view does not hold enough of the big picture. Maybe the big picture for humankind is much larger than a philosophy, a power, or an office.

A series of incredible, awe-inspiring sights has been made available to us just in this year alone. We viewed the solar eclipse. We witnessed the passage of the planet Venus closer to Earth than it has  ever been. Just a few days ago, we had the inspiring Blue Moon. Early Monday morning around 1:30 a.m. on  August 6, 2012,  the United States NASA team attempts to land a Rover on Mars.

There is true wonder in all of these events. Does Mother Earth want us to “get a grip on ourselves”? Is She telling us, as the old song said, “that’s the wonder….the wonder of YOU.”

If we felt more wondrous about ourselves, our loved ones and the world, would not more of this wonder be brought here on Earth, not just left to the stars?

I like to think so.

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