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You’ve Got A Friend

Just call me….and I’ll be there“. Carole King sang out over and over again on my old LP player.  Many of my friends come from that era, not the iTunes and favorite play list, at the easy fingertips of the youth of today.

Now ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend
when people can be so mean? They’ll hurt you and
desert you, and steal your soul if you let them…..
but don’t you let them!”

I am so blessed to have met the good kind of friend in every era of my life. Answer the old “land line” and there she is, a friend from early married time, just checking up to see how things are. The kind of friend you just pick up where you left off before, even though it has been maybe a year since you’ve talked.

Open an email, and there is your good friend, who was once a co-worker, and is in the elderly period of her life now.

Facebook friendships are sometimes the object of a joke….but I enjoy some catch-up family news and inspirational sharings from friends who care enough to “share” on facebook.

The Napkinwriter’s blog has given me three friends I’ve become very close to; two of them I’ve not met in person. Bree, I did meet on Mackinac Island, and became one of only many, many friends, as she created a constant vacation land for us through her words and photos of life on Mackinac Island.

CurtissAnn wrote some beautiful replies to several of my blogs and we both discovered a “sameness and simplicity of soul” in sharing our words and dialogue together. So much confirmation and feelings about what really matters in life. She, a writer of volumes of published vibrant, alive fiction stories. I do not forget her telling me “I am many things, but first of all I am a writer.” She is true to her vocation. And now she is successfully raising chickens besides.

Christine, dear Christine, in Australia. Again, we are friends through blog. But if we happened to live on the same continent, in proximity to each other, I would be active in her yoga instruction, I would attend her fabulous WomenFest Weekend events, and I would pester her by tagging along her photographic trail, as she simply enjoys and reveals God’s bountiful beauty in nature and all its creatures through her camera lens and words.

She’s got a friend, and so do I.

This picture of the soft velvet rose is a symbol of a particular good friend who became my pen-pal friend and we shared many a written note and long-distance (in the days you were charged fully for it) heart-to-heart talks on the phone at a time of middle-age adulthood. Very precious friendship, drawn short by her cancer. She remains in my life now as the grandmother of two of my grandchildren.

The strange thing is, we were in the same high school together, a couple of classes apart, but our strong friendship didn’t build until our own children met each other in college, fell in love and married. Our woman friendship was a blessing that resulted out of that union.

Our high school class of ’61 meets for a luncheon gathering once a month. And to have welcome and laughter and good cheer erupt and shared along with food and drink is a precious gift of grace across the years. Talk about time-warp. With memories and “the gift of gab”, there is still a sense of community and good will today between us “classmates.” And it is no problem at all to remember, “the way we were.”

My friends….I love them. I have so many who have neither “hurt me nor deserted me” and for this I am blessed.

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The tree leaves are changing their color. The sun rises brightly in the eastern sky, settles quietly in the west at day’s end. The wild geese are congregating in larger numbers on the ground. Preparing for the flight to come.

My soul beats with love. All is well in my world.

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