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Happy New Year 2013Ring out the Old
Bring in the New!

2013 is Soon to be Here

“Behold, I make all things new.” Did St. Paul tell us that about Christ in his letters, or did Christ, himself, say those words according to one of the four evangelists who recorded his story. I am forgetting where that quote comes from exactly, but I do know this:

I always have room for and need of THE NEW in my life. And as I get older each day, I welcome the new with more enthusiasm and gratitude  ever more.

Not only is each year new. But I live each day new, as the gift it is as I set my feet upon the floor and take up the routines of the day…and enjoying tiny surprises held in short little moments that go by all too quickly.

The song of a bird…..the smile of a friend…..the surprise note in the mail…..a funny tidbit on Facebook….something unexpected arising in a treasured, long-time and well-known relationship.

The sun shining down upon me. It’s new again today even though I enjoyed it yesterday. A chance to serve. An opportunity to surprise another with a gift of friendship.

The aroma of fresh-baked banana bread. Enjoying the children’s laughter. Reading a good book. Taking a creative photograph. Feeling my new breath come in and go out.

Watching the daily  transformation of our grandchildren right before our very eyes. Love returned. Appreciation sensed. An understanding heart with open compassion for others.

All of these things make me “new again.”


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