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Butterfly - Whitelaw

Photograph by Christine Whitelaw – didirri7

This is the most dramatic, enticing, magnetic and inviting photograph of a butterfly that I have ever seen.

It was taken by my Australian friend, creative artist, nature photographer, and writer Christine Whitelaw and posted recently on her blog, dadirri7.


During shivasana at the end of Gentle Yoga this morning, this beautiful butterfly flew right up to my nose. I think she touched it. I was quieting within my body and my thoughts, but I heard her say, “Come, fly with me.”

And I did. I gave over to the gentle breeze and the light vastness I was a part of during this quiet time of yoga, and off I floated with the inviting butterfly. It was a wondrous experience and I have an intuition I may be visited again by her, and I will once again accept the invitation, no questions asked.

She will be a teacher-companion to me. I open myself to learning and to the adventure. I already have heart-resonance with her and I look forward to our travels together. I do not think she is bound by space nor time and she will help me slip through these curtains as well.

Christine’s photography and travel have delighted me throughout this year. Her own “backyard” is the marvelous land of Australia.

Back in the late 1970’s I read and loved Colleen McCullough’s novel, The Thornbirds, which was set in Australia. I sunk deeply into the passionate¬† and complicated love story it presented and the daring fortitude and resilience in the heroine and other main characters as they faced their challenges and destiny.

I got a glimpse of the geographical terrain of the wildness and weather severities experienced in the Outback, and the tough grit it was to produce a living through sheep farms.

However, one large image left with me was of the firey brushlands and destruction the winds and fires did upon the land. I’ve had a new chance to see Australia through the camera lens and discerning eye of Christine Whitelaw.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that my own “exposure” to her photography makes me certain that one who lives in this great land knows the almighty Truth of Abundance within and all around them.

The vast array of wildlife, to be noticed on simple, short walks. The horizons and the surging, foam-capped seas, the lifestyles of peoples all around. The variety of fruits, vegetables and stock animals. The creativity of composition and subject.  She makes this all look so easy and so readily available.

And it makes me ask, many miles away……what did I miss today? What didn’t I see that was there before me? On my short outing to the store, or visit to a friend, or a walk around the block.

Did I miss the almighty Truth of Abundance right where I am? For I believe it is given unto me.¬† It may be a different bird, a changed river, a new song, or a call for friendship. I don’t have to travel to see it.

I just have to “focus” my soul upon receiving it and giving back.

I’m so thankful Christine gives so much back with her camera. With every click of the lens, I say “Thank you.”

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