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Lost an Hour

NOW Clock

Daylight Savings Time begins. We lost an hour last night. But Tom and I made it up immediately this morning by sleeping in way late.

It seems as one gets older, you say quite frequently, “How fast the time went…..”,  “How fast time is going now….”, “How I wish I could slow time down a bit….”, “Just where does the time go!”

Our precious time. This sacred moment. The only time in life we have is now.

What is your favorite way to “lose an hour?”

Here are some of mine.

Holding and rocking my babies instead of returning them to their crib. Star-gazing. Listening to the waves of the ocean crash onto the shore. Hearing the raindrops fall upon the ground. Sitting in deep meditation. Reading a good book. Hearing music that inspires and touches my soul. Writing, writing, writing. Walking in nature. Watching the birds at the bird feeder. Walking a labyrinth. Enjoying an art exhibit. Conversing with an old and faithful friend. Enjoying time alone with my husband. Watching the growth of our grandchildren.  Attending our Monday night Christ Consciousness prayer group. Performing Reiki for myself and others. Following my in-breath and my out-breath. Enjoying the sunset. Feeling the snowflakes on my face.

In all of those things, I, of course, have never really “lost” the hour. I have just serenely surrendered into the beauty and magic of time.

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