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SoulCollage South Africa facilitators

Catherine Anderson’s First Class of SoulCollage Facilitators
in South Africa in 2012.

I am so excited to be taking SoulCollage Facilitator training from marvelous and inspirational artist extraordinaire, Catherine Anderson in Charlotte, NC in early August this year.

I completed my initial training with Catherine last year in a wondrous visit to her charming and spiritually energetic studio, filled to the brim with image and word resources, plus her own abiding Presence.

I look forward to incorporating this SoulCollage practice into my own personal life and into the life of Souljourner at-Large LLC programs and retreats. It is all coming into view and purpose for me.

I say yes to it all.

Anderson - Sue's Soul Collage Dave

This is my soul collage card that “breathes my heart”. I made it in Catherine’s workshop. It tells of the voyage I’ve had with my “big brother,” Dave who is now travelling in the misty paths of Alzheimers.

Dave is on the twilight journey of the canoe paddler, (or perhaps it is the dawning of a new morning experience of life). He is alone but not alone. There is the dandelion whiffs of memory within me of Dave holding his little sister secure in the flower of life, pulling the wagon with little sis in it, establishing a fulfilling brother-sister relationship through personal letter writing.

Toward the top of the card, the message  of the card is”heard and read” by me in the silence of completing the card.

The message I hear internally is that a candle will light his way now and the flame of my love accompanies him. I add a little chocolate for sweetness on the cobblestone path he walks within the disease. There will be peace within each of us as we give way to the path that is before us and that is ours alone to walk. But truly not alone. That is a message I needed to hear. It has shone light upon my path and it acknowledges for me that Dave’s path is blessed.

This soul card has given me great comfort as the distance between us grows and I look for the grace in aging. It is there. I must agree and sit within it. All is well in this world.

Soul Collage  Facilitator Training at Catherine Anderson

SoulCollage Cards from Catherine Anderson’s
Facilitator Training in March 2013 at her Charlotte NC Studio

Seena Frost is the founder of SoulCollage. She puts forth a great question to us:

SoulCollage - Seena Frost founder

Seena Frost, SoulCollage Founder


Most people still have the hierarchical world view that views real change as coming primarily from the top and seldom from down where “we” live; so, we vote, then sit, watch the news, and feel helpless. What if this belief could shift? What if more and more people begin to feel and know themselves as being deeply interconnected with the whole fabric of the planet? …Could doing SoulCollage® help people develop, at a Soul level, this perspective of interconnection?

When we speak from our cards, we often are surprised and excited by the synchronicities and connections that show up. We begin to awaken to the reality that, deep down, we are as interconnected as the millions of cells in a physical body.

~ Seena Frost
Founder of SoulCollage®
(April 2011 Neter Letter)

Do you have a big pile of images you have saved in the closet or under the bed that you have been waiting to figure out what to do with?

Soul Collage - Labyrinth of Messages

Find a Labyrinth of Messages coming forth from your Cards.

I am eager to find ourselves sitting together, creating the images that will touch the deep wisdom within us. It will also give the SoulCollage creator a resource available to them at any time to “go within” and hear how the image speaks to them over and over again.

I will be able to help you do this in a short while. In the meantime, start collecting images that attract you for no apparent reason at all and ones that you just know belong to you. They give you a little jolt inside, they brighten up your attitude, they draw forth awe and respect for you, or they feel happy, joyous and free.

Just begin building the pile.  You will be fascinated how they create your cards “instantaneously” and with deep purpose.

This is just plain fun. And after that, you get the bonus of knowing these cards have always belonged to you.

Thank you, Catherine, for the great introduction of SoulCollage to Napkinwriter, as a glorious new way of writing.

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