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HUBBLE nebula Cat's Eye dying star hs-2004-27-a-web

(Hubble Photo:The Cat’s eye nebula dying star creates fantasy-like sculpture of gas and dust.)

Teilhard de Chardin, a twentieth century philosopher, paleontologist and priest revealed the truth of our spiritual “wiring” in his ground-breaking work reflecting on the spiritiuality of the Universe.

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”  If you consider yourself to be a spiritual being, that means you are made of the “stuff of spirit”.

And what is that stuff? Light and energy, the intangible, ever present substances that flow effortlessly and instantaneously to places we cannot physically reach….like the light that flows through a prism.

You can have a very fun exploration of how this is present everywhere and through all time by surfing around the Hubble website


Lotus and the Lily

Janet Conner, in her book, the lotus and the lily, calls our intention to this at the very beginning of the book and uses the stimulation of this (believe me, that Hubble site will stimulate you) to entice the reader to use her power as a spiritual being of light to influence her own “spot” in the universe. She can do this by mindfully setting her intention as being the light and energy of her own personal life.

I’ve taken Janet’s course on the internet when it was just called  I Am a Lily, three years ago. I was looking for the realization of the scripture that promises provision when you can’t quite see your own way or at least are significantly worried about it.

“See the lilies of the field, they neither toil nor spin, …Now if God clothes the flowers which are here today,…consider what God will do for you…You must not set your hearts on things to eat nor things to wear; nor must you worry…No, set your hearts on the kingdom and these other things will be given you as well.”

Thus I began the course, and thus I began a study in exactly how I would truly put the kingdom of God first in my life, live without worry and build trust instead. My first Intention mandala I created in that course was:

2010-2011 My Year of Free Falling into Spirit
“The Kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21
I am ONE with that I wish to Be and have.

The conditions I promised to live by, which when fulfilled, would produce the manifestations of provision I wanted to create, were all images on my seashell mandala.

And I’ve been and continue to be greatly rewarded as I live what this means to me. It seems to have brought about a new awareness of the Universe, as itself, the source of learning about the Kingdom of God, within and without. Indeed, my 2012 Intention mandala was the image of the global Earth centered in surrounding space, with the fire of creativity at its very center.

I am in AWE….of cosmic and universal expression and our home upon this earth in our solar system. I don’t come near to understanding or grasping even a small amount of what my relationship to God, the universe and myself means, but I am open and openhearted to realizing as much more as I can.

It has brought me , without effort it seems, to learning more through other sources.  Master Chunyi Linn of Springforest Qigong expresses in a prayer:  “I am in the universe. The universe if in my body. The universe and I combine together.”  And he has a Big Universe and a Small Universe meditation on CD.

Yoga points to the way the the elements of the Universe being within our very selves. I don’t quote them here, but I am seeing more references that point to this same expression in my daily scripture readings. I just hadn’t read them from this perspective before. The open heart is a great teacher.

Hubble Image hs-2009-08-b-web

Hubble photo

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a leading proponent of  increasing our awareness of evolving consciously forward and being “causal” in our life at this time upon the earth. Her vision is a development of a Universal Humanity, a “new human” who begins to solve whole system problems with new system approaches…..one that leads toward sustainability of our earth as our home and new leadership practices that evolve as old systems of power and glory collapse.

Wheelof Co-Creation

She says this will be an “open-heart” system…one in resonance with all sentient beings and the Universe itself. I don’t sense we are close to that right now in history, but I do sense I would like to be on that wave toward the future for those who come after me.

The Wheel of Co-creation is a benchmarking image for Barbara. In looking backwards into the history of evolution, she moves forward into the future on the Impulse of Evolution, which we can feel in our individual bodies.

She defines the Impulse of Evolution as ever-moving forward and as Spirit itself. So Spirit, within me, is the impulse to always move forward. I am familiar with this feeling even when I want to drag my feet a bit.

Hubbard has Hubs of people formed all around the world working toward “birthing” this energy and solution-based way of living so that seeds are planted and consciousness grows within our minds, hearts and actions.

I think this is exactly what Janet Conner meant when she encouraged us to use our power as a spiritual being of light and to recognize the power of setting intention.

Speech has creative power, Janet reminds us, as even the stories of creation in the Bible are recorded as a series of spoken commands, beginning with “and God said.”

I am in the Universe. The Universe is in my body, the Universe and I combine together. We also have the creative voice through intention and speech.

Any word spoken with clear realization and deep concentration has a materializing value,” quoted from Janet Conner’s the lotus and the lily, from Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda.

I look outward and see and feel the vastness. I look inward and invite the same.

This video gives me that sense of vastness.

Websites of Interest:

http://www.hubblesite.org/gallery   (just the photos are great meditaitons!)


(Barbara Marx Hubbard)

BMH Sacred Story of Creation

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