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This blog was a gift to me this morning; I share it with you.

About Shanee:


Journal writer, mother, friend, daughter, wife, sister, psychologist/counsellor with children and families…a few things about me. I currently live in an ‘earthquake active’ zone (Christchurch, New Zealand) which tends to dominate life at times. Hope to remove that detail from ‘about me’ at some stage in the near future.

‘Throw me to the sky’, the blog title, was said one day (again and again) by my four year old son whilst pushing him on the swing. I loved it, wrote it down and subsequently wrote a poem about writing, with that title. I still love the image…full of possibility, vastness, and imagining…just some of the words I associate with writing.

Although I am interested in many aspects, forms, purposes, and possibilities of a writing path, the following quotes speak to some of my writing passion.

‘Writing can be a pretty desperate endeavor, because it is about some of our deepest needs: our need to be visible, to be heard, our need to make sense of our lives, to wake up and grow and belong.’ Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird.

‘If one woman told the truth about her life, the world would split open’ Muriel Rukeyser.




Together in a silence
that holds a worry
about the absence of talk,
that holds a preference
in difference to the prevailing
not always companionable.
At times it shrieks
inside my head, giving orders
I cannot obey.
Silence is golden
talk is cheap.
Solitude and writing have become
my conversationalists,
is anything lost,
or gained for those we guide,
for those we love,
when words are sparse
and silence holds us all?

and again, the “sounds” of silence from Shanee


Dark, no place for shadows
Quiet, snow falls upon itself
Evasive light
Empty sound
Silence fills me up
I breathe it in
And breathe it out
Ah, bliss



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