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A few weeks ago, I reported I was on a quest to put some order in my creativity room. I managed to get about two-thirds of the way done, all the while creating more piles of stuff and folders and never ending paper that seems to cover the clean surfaces of my work spaces like fresh snowfall on a December day in Michigan.

So, I will show you just a few things that make me feel “at home” in my space.

This top photo is looking out of my room, as when I leave it on occasion to fix a meal or head to bed or take a walk around the block.

We had a beautiful and lovable cat, Fritzi, who was Laura’s cat and she graced several of our homes for many years, and endured our travels and Laura’s exit to college. So the framed picture behind the door (not too much uncovered wall space in my room) has an elegant black cat (like Fritzi) sitting on a garden path and it is a serene picture for me. My sister-in-law, Donna, made a gift of it to me when she no longer needed it.


I have always shamelessly taped images and words that inspire me on my walls and bookcase and ledge surfaces (all the while, hearing some inner critic voice telling me not to do it.)

This beautiful photo of Laura and newborn Amy is the first image I see upon entering my creative room, and right below it an explanation of The Creative Process from Ideal through Manifestation. These fill me with gratitude.


My own Intention mandala for 2013 hangs above my writing table. My Souljourner at-Large journal awaits the next entry.


I loosened up my overstuffed bookcase, added some greenery to it, organized my spiral notebooks and Yoga Journals, and there is always a stack of paper ready to be written upon.


Some more precious books and spiritual images and mandalas beating their energies into the room. A prayer stick made long ago is the perfect background over all.


What! More book deliveries?


A chair to read, pray, listen within and moodle.  


The guidance of the Holy Spirit.


The years 1999-2000 Millennium Plates given to my by my good friend, Martha and photos of Tom’s mom and dad and my birth mom and dad.


For my little girl, within and without, this special doll graces my room, given to me by my friend, Rosann.  She said it was for “Little Sue.”


This is an image shared between Rosann and me and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

I always like the hymn, “On Eagles Wings” and it is a special bible verse that has calmed me in stormy or fearful times. I thought I would get an artist that would paint me the image of being raised up on eagle wings, flying to the breath of dawn.

And then one day, I took my first watercolor class. The instructor approached the painting time with a meditation first. Then she had us run water color all over our papers to “just see what happens.”

What happened for me was a majestic cosmic colors background of blues, whites, pinks, and purples…..


and in the middle of it, there flew the eagle, with his wide wings spread over the breath of dawn!  This, too, hangs in my room, reminding me to just let God’s grace happen.


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