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It would have been Nirvana for Don Quixote! For us, weary travellers on the last leg of a week-long journey back home again, it was a soothing sight for tired eyes.

Fields and fields of wind powered turbine windmills rolling across the wavy hillsides in Ohio. The windmills went back to the horizon as far as you could see. They lasted for close to ten minutes of driving. Tom and I could not guesstimate how many there were in total.

There were just more and more…..and more.


We had clocked about 2,400 miles in total for this part-vacation, part work training for me in Soul Collage Facilitation in a week also filled with many fun visits with family and friends. But now, we were tired through and through and “leaning forward” to home destination.


Samantha, our handy-dandy, new GPS system, was dutifully programmed by Tom for all our destinations along the way, and she did a super duper job on the road. We didn’t even do any “oopsie, curlie cues” anyplace. But shortly after I gave her some high credit for superior performance, she took us on a little adventure of crowded and congested traffic routes with stop and go traffic while we were getting around Columbus.

This was not what we wanted…..to see our destination arrival time grow instead of lessen.

So, Tom, riding shotgun took out the old traditional map and after some thought announced we were leaving the route and heading north on US 30 when it came up. This avoided the Toll Road which we suspected Samantha was going to head us toward.

The unplanned road took us into the gentle countryside and as we approached the VanWort, Ohio area, we first caught sight of these power producing windmills standing stately in the fields and turning rhythmically in the breeze.

I begrudged not being on the passenger side of the car to do my familiar travel-window view photos I had been doing all along the way. And I felt it would fly by too quickly to have Tom fish out the camera.

That wasn’t true, however, as the windmills went on and on…….and on.

“Tom, get the camera and take some photos,” I said when I could stand it no longer.


He got quite a few. And the travel on the unplanned road lightened the journey and our hearts just enough to return to Michigan with a light breeze at our backs and a bit of lifted spirit.


It seems strange, but true, that other unplanned roads taken in my life have had the same effect.

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