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Softening and Yielding – I’ve always resonated with the lyrics of “On Eagle’s Wings” and many years ago thought one day I would commission an artist to create an image of, “I will raise you up on Eagle’s wings, fly you to the breath of dawn….”
Then I took one of my first water color classes; the leader formatted the class in a very contemplative style, starting with searching questions and a time in quiet before we came to our canvass. I felt very stiff and threatened about “letting go” with wash technique and the salt speckle effect, and just chose colors I love and “yielded” to what, I do not know. Instructor came by and mentioned, “sorta cosmic”. It was then I saw the pink profile of the Eagle with spread wings on the breath of dawn. Do you see her?
So I yielded, became my own artist and framed my watercolor which has hung in my creative/sacred room for over twenty years now.


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