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Does It Make A Sound?


I have answered an age-old riddle. If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The answer is yes.

This morning our one-hundred plus year old tree was cut down  at its roots.  We had called the tree doctor last year to see if there was anything that could be done to save it. It had been suffering since the one next to it was cut down during home construction. The diagnosis was dire. The tree was dying. It needed to come down.

Today was the day, but we did not know that. I was up early in my own room doing my prayer and writing. Not as early as usual, but earlier than Tom. When he got up, he was startled to see men working down by the tree. We watched for a bit and knew the tree was going to come down today.


Then he went into the bathroom  and I returned to my writing in my room at the front corner of our house.  Within a very short period of time, I heard a sound, which I did not identify as the sound of a tree falling but it must have been that. Because when Tom walked past the sliding glass door after exiting the bathroom, I heard, “Sue, they already took the tree down!”



Indeed, they had. So while, like the situation in the forest, I had not been present when it fell, I heard the sound it made when it did. It was different from what I expected.


I would have liked to have been there when it fell. Tom said he would have too. We didn’t think it would be so quick. We ate breakfast and gazed out at our fallen tree, digging into the earth’s grass and soil made soft from the night’s rain. We both feel sad at this loss. We would have loved the company of that tree into the coming years. We will miss it.

That spot on our property held the passage of over a century’s witness to all around it. The sound of leaves coming from soft summer days, the change and rustle in brisk fall winds, and the silent limbs ripe with spring’s expectation and new growth — these are the “phantoms” left behind in the open space of that corner in our yard.



A man just stopped by and told us that he and the guy walking around by the tree will be cutting it up and taking the wood away. He says he knows the area trees well and there are some over 150 years of age and that some just fall down in the woods atop the hill adjacent to our subdivision.  From old age. He said they would return this weekend after the ground hardens up to finish the job.


It kind of looks like they are a pair from Duck Dynasty.  Maybe they are between shows.

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