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Such faithful companions my journals have become and a it is a joy to look back upon them. In them, I find courage, fears faced and not faced, triumphs that didn’t look like triumph at the time. In them, I find an awed sense of “I wonder how I knew that then.”

In them, I find patterns and deserts, wastelands and green pastures. In them, I find the many, many paths I have walked. In them, I find the wisdom of my guides, human and Spirit. In them, I find the passage of my time and my place upon this earth.

In them, I find deep breath. In them, I find acceptance. In them, I find images and quotes from others that inspire and please me. In them, I find the comfort of my own words and thoughts. In my journals, I find written words for what I could not verbally express at critical moments in time.

My journals are my all-time best seller classic writings of my life.

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