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Kathleen - in charge of Jesus Christ Superstar

Looking through the poetry of Hafiz today, I found the name of a great play. BEHOLD YOUR SELF!

As I read the lines of the poems, photograph images I had taken popped up in every line.  I have combined Hafiz’ poetry with my photography for this blog.

by Hafiz

“Hints of your beauty the mountains have.

Swiss Alps  church

The enchanting complexions of the coral reefs are pale

coral main 3

to a golden candle in our heart.


What moves in any ocean moves through us.

Waves crashing

A thousand kinds of music play every hour that you orchestrate.

Kathleen - in charge of Jesus Christ Superstar

Let the next ticket you buy help seat you in front of….your soul.

RAKU - Peace Lady Raku by Sue

Photography credits:  Susan Heffron Hajec, Music director in blue lights; Alps mountains,  burning candle, peace lady mask sculpture created by Susan.

Internet stock,  Coral reef.

Christine Whitelaw, dadirridreaming7, (c)  ocean waves crashing off Australian coast.


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