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…where ever you’re going, I’m going your way.”

Yes, Moon River, crooned by Andy Williams, was our song and it truly turned out that we went many “where-evers” in our 50 years of love together.

Tom and I have been counting up the places we’ve taken residence in over the years, places rented or owned, places with deep roots, places that held only a passing fancy….and it counts up to around twenty, give or take a few.

The leading is love and the work is daily commitment to our family values as first and foremost in our lives.

The rewards are many, springing up upon us, as from the tiny mustard seed…..if there were days where love could have seemed that small, they were overshadowed by the largeness, the extravagance of a God who fueled our lives with mighty love that always found the path forward together, sometimes dimly lit and danger-ridden, but most often shining brightly before us with no doubt about the way.  “Moon River, wider than a mile….”

Two drifters, off to see the world, there’s such a lot of world to see.”  And we’ve been blessed to see much of the world…we’ve been  “dream-makers” and we’ve had our our touches with “heart-breakers”, and it all fits the quilt pattern of a beloved bedspread. Pieces have come together in what can be called a grand life.

Joy radiates from the gifts and lives of our children and grandchildren. We are healthy and in good shape for the shape we’re in! We live life in a home we love, and we strive to give back, because we have been so richly given to.

Sometimes, daily life….a piece of cake….maybe so, maybe not.  But we feast together and know that we are each “after the same rainbow’s end, waiting ’round the bend….

my Huckleberry friend, Moon River and me.”


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