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The Road Ahead

Albany Road- TaluskiePhotography by Stacy Taluskie

The Road Ahead
Susan Heffron Hajec   10-29-2015

Speed limits seem to faze me no more
I go a speed slowed down from
my hurried past.

The road ahead is the one I have always
been on, learning its twists and turns
reading its signs for safe passage.

The hardest part of this road seems
always to be
learning to stay where
I presently am on this road.

Right where I am is
the most mysterious to me.
Fully absorbing the present moment
without looking too far down the road.

For faith travels that part of the road for me
and the vision it gives me is
that this vehicle of my body and soul
arrives at the destination intended
in the brilliance of the creator’s larger plan.

I just have to keep my hand on the wheel now.

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