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Steamboat SpringsSteamboat Springs photo by Stacy Taluskie

Winter is coming late to Michigan this year. It is January 10th and we have yet to have much of it, by direct comparison to the blizzards of 2015.

But this morning we got out and about for the necessary things and back home again, fortified for in-door living if the predicted storm arrives.

The snow falling now makes me long for by-gone skiing days of our early adulthood. Both Tom and I enjoyed the cold and frozen temps of Northern Michigan–every moment of them and a bonus was even sometimes getting “snowed in” so that the roads closed and we couldn’t get back to lower Michigan.  Oh darn, another day of skiing. We called in……”snowed in!”

I have a friend from Kentucky, who traded in her days of medical practice as a Physician Assistant, to return to a love of her life — Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She got herself a place to live and went back to work as a lift operator at the famed resort, and is living a life of her dreams. Talk about options!!


Tom and I lived in Lexington Kentucky for the first twelve years of our married lives and became dear friends of Stacy’s parents and family, leaving Lexington to pursue another dream for ourselves when Stacy was just a toddler.

But before we left, we talked her mom and dad, Stan and Sheila, into going on a cabin snow vacation with us up to Northern Michigan.

And……we offered to teach them how to ski.


So that went well, but I don’t think either of them became fans of skiing.  Super bundled up, they both looked almost like the young toddlers with snowsuits where they can barely move their legs and arms. But they were game.

Tom and I taught them the basic snowplow, and assured them they could slow down, turn a bit, and even stop by employing that technique in varying degrees.

Then came the first run. Sheila skied successfully down one hill with Tom closely behind her, issuing verbal and calm directions, which she followed to the tee. She said if she didn’t hear Tom say to do it, she didn’t do anything.

I, on the other hand, took Stan to another hill, and we started off and practiced the snowplow at the top of the hill. That was fine until…..Stan’s skiis started to tilt downward with the gravity of the hill.


Maybe Stan should have had some of Stacy’s headgear, for he started straightlining down the slope. I picked up speed behind him, shouting (for I am never the calm one), “turn, turn, turn”….. to which Stan replied,  “how, how, how”.

Then he went straight off of ski run and flopped into the fluffy, deep (thank God) snow piled in the out-of-bounds area, with trees ahead of him.

I was between laughing and fright when I arrived beside him, and he lifted up his head from the snow bank, and the snow broke off around his eyes and mouth and mustache, and we corrupted into duo laughing.

He survived and I coaxed him down the rest of the slope. The next day, while Tom and I returned to the snowy slopes, Stan took to roasting the turkey and Sheila sat by the fireplace with a good book and a hot toddy!  Yet they survived, and if they haven’t told the tale, I am doing that right here.

TaluskiesTaluskie’s at home, Stacy on the slopes

Happy New Year and Anniversary Stan and Sheila. Happy Birthday, Sheila. Hi Steve, Shari and Sandi.

Tom and Sue Christmas tree

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