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Being a Capricorn, I am true to the planner side of this sign. All kinds of 5 year plans, many daily To Do Plans, many plans for the working out of my goals and dreams….many achieved.

Yes, I placed great value in planning and there’s also been some truth in some of my planning times, when God must have just had a good laugh, but plan…..I did.

Now, we are engaged in another seemingly “big plan”, one of which I was not aware was coming, but here it is and we are getting ready once more to leave house and home and make life anew back in the Kentucky Bluegrass of Lexington, joining one of our daughter’s  family move there.

It is not far off now, so rooms are being straightened, de-cluttered and packed.

The following reading is NOT clutter, but is being carefully packed to reside with me in our new apartment home in Kentucky. The name card, I picked up in a gift shop somewhere along the way. The reading comes from a long ago Unity magazine. These have been by my bedside since 1979.

They spell T R U T H  to me.

Tom's Valentine

SUSAN  — Lily of the Valley
Trust in the Lord
with all thine heart;
and lean not unto
thine own
Proverbs 3:6


The Divine Plan

For each of us there is a divine plan for our lives and for our spiritual unfoldment; a plan established and lovingly overseen by our heavenly Father. This divine plan includes many lessons we have to learn to develop our spiritual understanding, many bountiful blessings to enrich and enhance our lives and, finally, an ultimate goal — conscious oneness with the Father. Though we may not perceive precisely how or why our individual plan is unfolding as it is, we can know that God is in charge of it and that it is proceeding exactly as it should.

With this in mind we can be less fearful of our future, less s=resistant to unexpected changes in our plans, less self-pitying about our problems and less overwhelmed by the task of attaining spiritual mastery. We can know that an ordered plan — not sheer chaos or the whims of a capricious God — rules our lives. We can also be assured that this plan is for our benefit, our highest good, our greatest happiness. It is not designed to test or to frighten or defeat us. God’s will is for us to mature and be perfected as His sons and daughters, but God knows that in order to accomplish this we must learn some lessons that may seem difficult or confusing to us.

Friends, we need to agree — not just submit — to the divine plan God has set into motion for our lives. God knows exactly what we must do to receive the greatest growth and blessings. Let us, then place our trust and expectation in God, and accept that what is happening through us (not to us!) is a part of God’s gracious and perfect divine plan for us.


Albany Road- Taluskie

I do.

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