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Yesterday afternoon, Saturday January 21, many young women high school age, joined their boy classmates and made their beautiful VOICES HEARD. They all did this through their focus on how music is important to them in expressing themselves, giving great joy to the filled auditorium audience. They used their passion and desire and practice to compete to the state level of performance. They were led by two women directors and one male director, whose passion for the performance and sound of music in our world, is uncompromised. Their conductance of the choirs electrified through their bodies out the tip of their fingers. The sounds, movements and exhuberance for the songs selected came forth from the students; songs they loved performing with historical and spiritual backgrounds. Perhaps music is the true unifier among us.




It was another amazing State Honors Choir Performance with Andrew in the SATB Honors Choir at DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids. Such a wonder to be in the audience and see hundreds and hundreds of high school boys and girls excelling in music and life.Thanks to the parents and professionals that support this going forward. Music rocks the soul and these performances are proof of that.



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