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I am adding pages to my Souljourner at-Large website and looking for new ways to draw people’s attention to it.


In particular, my intention for 2018, besides the writing and publishing of my memoir, is to develop and maintain small group gatherings that will continue to share the practice of SoulCollage and spread the knowledge of the natural healing method of Reiki.

I will also be adding an Author Page,  Write!Now  and an Island of Silence contemplative practice page for the enrichment of the quiet, inner life….one person at a time….for peace in our world.


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Encouragement is Good


We never grow to old to outgrow the need for encouragement. Something that is so freely given to young children, as they learn new life skills…walking, talking, reading, riding a bike, joining a sports team, entering an academic contest, or simply succeeding at the next right thing for them.

We give this.

Today, I am thinking about giving it to ourselves and other adults around us. Encourage myself to follow a healthy food plan, not berate myself for straying into greasy or sugar treats. I can encourage myself to clean just a corner of my living space, and not find fault for the dust I see and a chore left undone, due to tiredness. I can look to a new week, in which I can set goals and create a vision for how this week can best be happily lived. Not give any negative attention to what’s been left undone, but devise a step by step, easy-step, baby step times to make the undone disappear into completion.  And I will do that.

I will encourage myself to do that.

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