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I am sorting through my journals once again. This time it is not to gain any pertinent information from them in the years that have passed. Many years have passed. I have kept journals for many of those years. I have moved many times over the past fifty plus years. The journals I have kept have moved with me. The movers made note of the heftiness of the boxes housing my dense and numerous journals.

I write. I process. I create in my journals. They are my quiet space, my safe space. I give words flight that describe all the good, bad, ugly, mysterious, and almost always sacred in my life.

Even though I write a lot of words, I know pictures are worth 1,000 words. So I include pictures, both drawn and photographed in my journals.  The first year birthday of #1 grandson…


Holy pilgrimages taken in 2000 to Italy and Chartres and Paris, France.


…and some of the first words written on 9-11 –the attack on America. I was in a professional capacity of feature writer, so there were many words written outside of my journal as well.



I particularly liked Master Mind journals. Here is a page that shows that this journal keeper did not always journal on everyday. Yet, I can read back in the journal and be inspired by the affirmations that continue throughout the book. Also, many times they are a great writing prompt for me to “tell it like it is” when I come to that page.

Their monthly calendar was an easy read – shorthand accounting for what was important in that particular month.

Their pages, however, were cardstock quality, so the journal itself was quite heavy, then multiply it by almost ten year’s worth, plus other kind of tablet and book journals, and you have to have a muscle-man lift to transport these journals…which we did from home to home, then to condo, and several apartments, and two homes again.

Something I’ve practiced in all areas of my life is the grace and ability to LET GO.

And it is now time to let go in the apartment in which this two-some abides. I have let go of enough of them that what I have left is a full dresser drawer of Master Minds journals and several book style journals on one bookcase shelf. Yet even these bookcases will not make the next move which will come anytime within the next three years, near as we can guess, and it will be to senior independent or assisted living space.

No longer is it by our carbon foot print that we are measured, but by our age, and the lessening of possessions deemed necessary.  The journal was most important to me in writing about the PRESENT time. A great tool for processing either joy or grief, and all the things that have made up my life. Just like numerous photo albums kept over the year, now facing the same minimizing process, these images and words reside in my heart. They do not need to take up space in a drawer,  hardly ever opened or a book shelf, from which they are not frequently chosen.

The tearing and shredding of paper has begun. But in the middle of it all, I had to stop and write once more on this Napkinwriter file what I would put in my journal for today:

Tearing up journals, mixed emotions, opening up to new days where I might jot down a word or two. Next year begins a new decade 2020. I will be 77 on January 2nd,  just after the new year begins. I hope the big news of the beginning of this decade is that I will be busy marketing and selling Journey Girl, Steps in Secrets and Sanctuary that I have just finished writing.



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