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Not Being Faithful

I wanted to title this “I Have Not Been Faithful” as an attention getter, but thought the better of it.

What it is is that I have not been faithful to my weekly posts on Napkinwriter lately….lately being since July 16, 2020 which is two months ago. That is rare for me.

However, I have been writing, reading, proofing, planning, rewriting, re-spelling, re-printing hard copies out ….of JOURNEY GIRL: Steps in Secrets and Sanctuary which will soon be selling at market.

My publisher is Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing. Louise Hay is an important writer and mentor in my reading history for health and mental and spirituality influence. Journey Girl, my softcover book will first be available at their on-line store; and later as an e-book and softcover on Amazon. When it is available, I will be getting the word out to you.

I am so blessed, so happy, so proud to bring this memoir story of mothers, lost and found, loved and depended upon; personal love story of my beloved and me and our family; stories of the power of personal prayers and connections, seeking and search, forced, mysterious silences from childhood and rich, nurturing Contemplative, easily founds moments of quiet I invite the reader into for support in these unknown times.

I am also tired from a most unusual, interrupted, and less than adequate sleep pattern that has been with me for several months now and I am seeking help for.

I look forward to connecting with persons already enthusiastically interested in JOURNEY GIRL and in meeting many I do not now know who will also be attracted to this book.

And while I must take on so many more active marketing responsibilities to give this book the light it deserves to have, I will also return to Napkinwriter and see my readers here a couple of times a week throughout the coming autumn season.

God bless….and Napkinwriter….she is back.  She writes and she paints.


Holding the needs of the people and wildlife on the West Coast in my heart and my prayers.

Be happy. Be well. Be safe.

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