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Clearing Starts with Something Fun!

Do I ever feel stuck? Yes. Do I have things I can do to get unstuck? Yes. A big “stuckness” I am feeling these days is simple upkeep of our apartment. How do I separate out the little things I can do on a near daily basis, and how do I stop from seeing the whole big picture of overwhelm? It is not a huge apartment, but dust accumulates, laundry piles up, groceries need shopping, dishes littler the kitchen counters and sinks, bathrooms need frequent attention and garbage needs taking out to the dumpster.

I swiftly handled the last one a couple of months ago. We upped the rent payment to include garbage being picked up by maintenance outside our front door, instead of struggling my way uphill to the dumpster bin. Done! Also the grocery shopping is now handled by SHIPT and I am quite happy with that. Two things “cleared”.

I don’t know about you. But I often put “reminders” for myself that I can’t miss and here are two of them that speak to my general intention and way of life. They are posted on the wall in front of me at my computer where I work a good portion of my day.

When I read these and trace y Reiki symbols, it corrects my course if needed and establishes my mindset and intention for this day.

This one is a little out of focus here but not on my wall. It sets my direction to continue working with an on-line course I signed up for with Om to help me etch away at all the little things that make up the big picture of “stuckness” in establishing order and harmony in my daily environment upkeep. Each day, a very short email has great things, sometimes only to think about, other times specific things to choose to do. I will by the end of the year have 365 insights and also a feeling ingrained me me that there is something today I can do to feel unstuck and accomplished that benefits the big picture.

Here is just “big thing” bugging me. The kitchen area needs top-down deep cleaning. It makes me tired to look at it and think about doing it. Yesterday was Saturday and I decided to Surrender and Simplify the steps needing to get it done. I have recently gotten a walking and standing impediment, so I brought a chair into the picture to help me.

But first, I started by sitting and doing something fun….practicing trees and landscape in my watercolor notebook. Because if I don’t paint fairly regularly, I get stuck getting back to the painting table.

Next, I put a load of wash in the washer and then brought my attention to the pantry closet which needed to be cleaned and organized. I did it!!

Feeling emboldened and uplifted by this accomplishment, I proceeded to the “lazy susan” turntable cupboard and did the same turning chaos into order, and getting nutritious breakfast foods handy. After which I took an armchair break for a snack and some Candy Crush game time.

This was beginning to feel like self-care because I could see I had made a beginning in a corner of my space. Other things that will need my attention but I feel more accepting of that and that I will get to them. Yes, I am clearing.

But for now, one more thing needs to be done which will make me feel much lighter when I gaze into my kitchen The cupboard surfaces need cleaning and waxing. Today, I can do that to four lower cabinets and beneath the sink. I can finish the upper ones later and perhaps with help.

In Lesson 9 it says….”At the heart of it, clearing is not about tackling the unsightly messes, the clothes that don’t fit, the emails that invade your inbox, the to-do lists that get longer by the second. Clearing is not about fixing a problem or reaching for a solution. It is about how you relate to the experience.

It is the space between the issue and the desired outcome where the real goodies are and where the real clearing happens. Allow yourself to contemplate this one today, even if you have no clue what it means.

I am somewhere in the 60s into the lessons and I am beginning to have a clue.

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